Middlesex Community College offers the following credit courses fully online during winter break. Classes start on Tuesday December 27th and ends on January 15th.  Students can access courses anytime anywhere as long as they have Internet connection. Just like a traditional class, you will follow the course syllabus with information on reading, assignments, projects, exams, etc. An online faculty is assigned to teach each course and help students succeed. Basic computer literacy, access to the Internet with broadband connection, and specific setup of your computer are required. Most importantly, a self-motivated, self-disciplined learner is more likely to succeed in online learning. More information about online distance learning at MxCC can be found at or by calling 860.343.5719 –admission or 860.343.5756 –distance learning during business hours of 8:30 to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.

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Summer Credit Classes start on May 30, July 5, and July 31

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Thursday, March 16th: open online registration for continuing students.
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Fall Classes begin August 29th.

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Middlesex Community College – Winter 2016
Business, General
CRNSubjCrseCredTitleInst MethdInstructorDate
4001BBG*F1013Intro to BusinessONLNBenjamin R. Boutaugh12/27-01/15
Business, Management
CRNSubjCrseCredTitleInst MethdInstructorDate
4002BMG*F2023Principles of ManagementONLNPatricia K. Raymond12/27-01/15
Business, Marketing
CRNSubjCrseCredTitleInst MethdInstructorDate
4003BMK*F2013Principles of MarketingONLNDaniel Viens12/27-01/15
Computers – Computer Science
CRNSubjCrseCredTitleInst MethdInstructorDate
4004CSC*F1013Intro to ComputersONLNStaff12/27-01/15
Early Childhood Education
CRNSubjCrseCredTitleInst MethdInstructorDate
4007ECE*F2753Child Family & School RelONLNNorma E. Rosado-Javier12/27-01/15
Earth Science
CRNSubjCrseCredTitleInst MethdInstructorDate
4005EAS*F1063Natural DisastersONLNPaul S. Maywood12/27-01/15
CRNSubjCrseCredTitleInst MethdInstructorDate
4008ECN*F1013Principles of MacroeconomicsONLNDavid Maslin12/27-01/15
4009ECN*F1023Principles of MicroeconomicsONLNIbrahim M Abou-Saad12/27-01/15
CRNSubjCrseCredTitleInst MethdInstructorDate
4010ENG*F1023Literature & CompositionONLNStaff12/27-01/15
CRNSubjCrseCredTitleInst MethdInstructorDate
4011HIS*F1023Western Civilization IIONLNVictor Triay12/27-01/15
4012HIS*F2023U.S. History IIONLNVictor Triay12/27-01/15
CRNSubjCrseCredTitleInst MethdInstructorDate
4013PSY*F1113General Psychology IONLNYi Guan-Raczkowski12/27-01/15
CRNSubjCrseCredTitleInst MethdInstructorDate
4006SCI*F1033Recent Discoveries in Sci IONLNStaff12/27-01/15
CRNSubjCrseCredTitleInst MethdInstructorDate
4014SOC*F1013Principles of SociologyONLNRebecca M. Loew12/27-01/15
CRNSubjCrseCredTitleInst MethdInstructorDate
4015SPA*F1114Elementary Spanish IONLNAngelo Glaviano12/27-01/15
4016SPA*F1124Elementary Spanish IIONLNAngelo Glaviano12/27-01/15
4017SPA*F2114Intermediate Spanish IONLNAngelo Glaviano12/27-01/15
4018SPA*F2124Intermediate Spanish IIONLNAngelo Glaviano12/27-01/15