Human Resources Mission Statement

Middlesex Community College believes a college education should be available to everyone. The Human Resource Department believes in providing exceptional human resource services to our employees, who in turn can provide excellent teaching as well as personal support in the development of each student. Well- supported faculty and staff will be best equipped to help students achieve their academic, professional and career potentials. This continual support system recognizes the employee’s diverse background, personality and style.

Highlight of Policies at MxCC

  • It is the policy of Middlesex Community College that there be no discrimination, in its educational employment practices, on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, genetic screening for employment, marital status, physical disability, mental disorder (or history thereof), or criminal record.
  • Political beliefs, veteran status, and sexual orientation are also part of the nondiscrimination coverage in this policy. Racist and sexual harassment are prohibited.
  • Any student or staff person having a question, complaint, or a need of assistance on matters pertaining to educational employment opportunity can take any of the following steps:
  • Consult the college Affirmative Action grievance procedures described in the Affirmative Action Plan, Section XIV. The Affirmative Action Plan is available in the college library, human resources and the President’s office.
  • Contact the Office of Human Resources, Founders Hall, Room 115 at (860) 343-5751.
  • Contact the Dean of Academic Affairs or Dean of Students, at (860) 343-5706 or (860) 343-5759, on questions of discrimination toward students.
  • Contact the Dean of Administration, David W. Sykes, Founders Hall, Room 106 at (860) 343-5704.
  • The State of Connecticut, Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities is located at 21 Grand Street, Hartford, CT 06106, telephone 860-541-3459.
  • The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is located at 1 Congress Street, Boston, MA 02114.

Employee Assistance Program

As people, we all experience life’s ups and downs. It is impossible to avoid stress and family challenges in today’s world. Sometimes things happen to us through no fault of our own. Solutions EAP is a good way to get help. The EAP Counselor will help you define the issues, sort things out and develop a plan of action. This is the heart of what EAP does, helping you get in control of the situation so that it is more manageable. In some cases, the EAP will refer you to an ongoing or specialized resource. If so, referrals are usually made within your medical insurance plan to help offset costs. If you believe that you may be experiencing one of life’s down times, please don’t hesitate to contact Solutions for the support that you may need. If you have any questions about the employee assistance services that Solutions offers, please contact the Director of Human Relations for more information.

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Other Resources

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