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Late Start Classes

MxCC offers Late Start Classes that begin throughout the semester in Middletown and online. You can also take advantage of a broad range of continuing education courses and noncredit certificate programs available during the semester.


To register for a course, visit the Office of Enrollment Services, Founders Hall at Middlesex Community College, 100 Training Hill Rd in Middletown. Please follow the steps for new students and current students.

For more information about late start courses, please contact the Office of Enrollment Services at 860-343-5719 or

Late Start Classes: Spring 2018

Middletown Campus
COM173, Public Speaking (2/21-5/13)
ENG*101, Composition (2/21-5/13)
ENG*102, Lit & Comp (2/21-5/13)
MAT*137, Intermediate Algebra (2/21-5/13)

ART*100, Art Appreciation (2/20-5/13)
ENG*102, Lit & Comp (2/20-5/13)
PSY*111, General Psy I (2/20-5/13)
SOC*101, Princ of Soc (2/21-5/13)