Want to Move Up the Math Map Quickly?

Accelerate the Algebras!

Two Math Courses in One Semester:

MAT*095 and MAT*137

This paired offering of courses is ideal for students who:

  • Scored in the high end on Math placement test or received an A or high B in MAT*075
  • Are highly motivated
  • Don’t feel comfortable taking a self-paced course
  • Are committed to taking two Math courses in one semester
In order to be considered, student must speak with:
Mary Rayappan

Academic Division Director, School of Allied Health, Business, and STEM
Phone: 860-343-5791
Email: mrayappan@mxcc.edu
Office Location: Wheaton 209

Details: In this option, Elementary Algebra (MAT*095) and Intermediate Algebra (MAT*137) are offered as paired courses. Students MUST enroll in both Math courses. MAT*095 is offered on four days of the week for the first half of the semester.  Students’ performance will be evaluated during the course of this period, and they must take a Final Exam for 095. Students are expected to earn a “C” or better to proceed with MAT*137 for the remaining part of the semester and it will be conducted and evaluated in the same manner.