Self-Paced Math

A Different Approach To Learning Math

  • Do you ever feel that your math class is going too fast or too slow?
  • Are you comfortable with computers and  self-motivated?
  • Are you frustrated with the fact that you have to take so many math courses to meet your math requirement?

If so, then MxCC’s Self-Paced Math Options may be for you!

The sections of MAT*075 and MAT*095 with the self-paced option will use individualized computer-based instruction.  Instructors and Supplemental Instructors (tutors) will be available in class and during posted hours outside of class.  You will be able to progress through the curriculum at your own pace, slower or faster than a normal course.

If you need more than one semester to complete the course, you will need to register each semester.  If you complete the course early, you can move on to the next course within the same semester and potentially complete two courses in just one semester.

This is a perfect option for a student who already knows most of the material and only needs a quick review as well as the student who has difficulty keeping up in a traditional class.