margareta-2Margareta Stoichkov

“Learning is fun at MxCC. Teachers are enthusiastic about teaching, they motivated and gave me accurate directions. I felt comfortable and the atmosphere was pleasant which made me perform well. I noticed that teachers were lifelong learners, diverse, flexible, knowledgeable, and had the ability to trigger learning.

Taking the Exploring Business and Technology Career course had made me to choose my future career study.  I enjoyed the experience of interacting and listening to professionals during this course.”


graduation2012-sm-14Tyler Magnano

“These classes really helped me catch up and get to where I needed to be. It also made the transition from high school to college a little more smooth.

At first I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go but after taking a few courses here and talking to a few professors, I knew what was right for me.  The faculty really go above and beyond what I would have expected. Most of the students are friendly.”


kim_budnick-1Kim Budnick

“The thought of taking a math course was really intimidating. I had to start at the lowest level, which was where I needed to be. I did very well in both of my remedial courses, which not only developed my math skills, but gave me confidence to take the intermediate algebra I need to earn my degree.

Before becoming a student my only goal was to make enough money to pay bills. My choice to become a student has changed everything in my life in a very positive way. I am more optimistic — now I set goals that go beyond the work week, and am always thinking about the future for my son and I.

My experiences here have led me to people who are very kind and always willing to give help where it is needed. I think it’s great that the faculty and staff make themselves very accessible to students and I love the mutual support that students share with one another. When the semester gets tough, it’s important to have fellow students to commiserate or to celebrate with!”

jean3Jean Mathon

“Everyone — the administration, the Humanities division, Science division, Learning Center, library staff and book Store, cafeteria staff, financial aid are all awesome. We have the best media and audio visual dept. The Admissions staff work very hard to work with perspective new students. They sure helped me from day one, my life has transformed. I went from being a dislocated Hospital and Hotel worker to being a part of the student body at Middlesex Community College. We are all one big family.

My interactions and relationships with my instructors were very close. I was determined and always prepared to excel to the next level. My attitude was always positive; I did have few bumps on the road. The staff at Middlesex are very supportive.”