We’ll Surprise You!

The leaders of Middlesex Community College and the Meriden Public School System are piloting a new educational collaborative to keep quality and affordable higher education growing in Meriden.

Here are some frequently asked questions about this exciting new partnership:

Meriden may be a closer geographical location for you. It’s convenient afternoon and evening hours (Monday through Thursday 2:30 to 8:15 p.m.) may also be a better fit for your schedule.

Afternoon and evening classes will be held at the newly renovated Orville H. Platt High School, 220 Coe Avenue, in Meriden. MxCC students will have their own designated entrance close to the main entrance of the school. Once inside, take the stairs on the right up to the second floor classrooms.

MxCC@Platt will offer more than 50 courses from the general education curriculum, with a limited selection of courses leading into MxCC degree programs in communication, computer science, digital arts, early childhood education, human services and veterinary technology. Click here for a complete fall 2017 MxCC@Platt course list. Please check back on our website for updated opportunities.

CT Transit will provide bus service to Platt High School Monday through Friday. The bus will depart the Meriden Railroad Station in Meriden to Platt High School at 2:30pm, 3:50pm, and 5:00pm. The bus will arrive/depart Platt High School at 2:40pm, 4:00pm and 5:10 pm.
Parking is in a designated lot near the MxCC entrance of Platt High School.

Following the MxCC academic calendar, MxCC@Platt will use 10 classrooms which includes computer and science labs. The media center will also be available for study space, tutoring, access to MxCC online learning materials, and as a place for students to check out MxCC textbooks and loanable equipment.

To register for fall courses, please visit Founders Hall on our main campus at 100 Training Hill Road, Middletown, between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. If you are a continuing student, you may also register online. Please call 860-343-5719 with questions.

CRN Subj Title Instructor Cred Days Time Room
1005 ART*100 Art Appreciation STAFF 3 MW 3:45-5:00P 210ME
1009 ART*111 Drawing I DiGiorgio 3 TR 5:30-7:15P 206ME
1012 ART*121 Two-Dimensional Design DiGiorgio 3 TR 3:45-5:00P 206ME
1251 CHE*101 Introductory Chemistry Myers 3 M 4:00-6:50P 215ME
1022 CJS*101 Intro Criminal Justice D’Angelo 3 M 5:15-7:55P 213ME
1416 COL 101 College+Career Success Harris 3 MW 6:40-7:55P 210ME
1304 COL101 College Career Success Harris 3 MW 6:407:55P 210ME
1305 COL101 College Career Success Giffin 3 TR 3:45-5:00P 210ME
1047 COM*173 Public Speaking Terzi 3 MW 6:40-7:55P 200ME
1412 CSC*101 Intro to Computers Sapia 3 R 5:00-7:30P 217CM
1090 ENG*096 Intro College English Shaw 6 MW 03:45P 201ME
1091 ENG*096 Intro College English Detoro 6 TR 5:15-7:45P 201ME
1311 ENG*099A TransCompALP6(w/1109) Wentland 3 MW 6:40-7:55P 217BM
1312 ENG*099A TransCompALP7(w/1111) Mariconda 3 TR 5:15-6:30P 217BM
1109 ENG*101 Comp-ALP6(w/1311) Wentland 3 MW 5:15-6:30P 217CM
1110 ENG*101 Composition Wentland 3 MW 5:15-6:30P 217CM
1111 ENG*101 Comp-ALP7(w/1312) Mariconda 3 TR 3:45-5:00P 201ME
1112 ENG*101 Composition Mariconda 3 TR 3:45-5:00P 201ME
1113 ENG*101 Composition Gardner 3 MW 6:40-7:55P 201ME
1117 ENG*101E Composition Embedded Grandfield 3 TR 6:30-8:15P 214ME
1127 ENG*102 Literature & Comp Floridia 3 T 5:15-7:45P 205ME
1142 HIS*102 Western Civ II Tripler, 3 R 5:15-7:45P 205ME
1149 HIS*202 U.S. History II Reutenauer 3 MW 3:45-5:00P 205ME
1153 HSE*101 Intro Human Services STAFF 3 MW 3:45-5:00P 200ME
1156 HSE*202 IntroCnslg/Interviewng STAFF 3 M 5:15-7:45P 205ME
1313 MAT*095 Elem Algebra Found Ritchie 3 MW 6:40-7:55P 214ME
1322 MAT*137 Intermediate Algebra Pulino 3 MW 5:15-6:30P 214ME
1422 MAT*137E IntermedAlg Embed STAFF 3 TR 6:30-8:15P 200ME
1333 MAT*167 Prin of Statistics O’Dowd 3 TR 5:00-6:15P 213ME
1425 MAT*173 College Algw/Tech STAFF 4 TR 6:30-8:15P 213ME
1058 MUS*101 Music His & Apprec I Gale 3 MW 3:45-5:00P 214ME
1161 PHL*101 Intro to Philosophy STAFF 3 M 5:15-7:45P 206ME
1165 POL*111 American Government Moody 3 W 5:15-7:45P 205ME
1174 PSY*111 General Psychology I Shoup 3 TR 5:15-6:30P 210ME
1179 PSY*204 Child Adolescent Dev Nwachuku 3 W 5:15-7:45P 206ME
TBA Online
1193 SOC*101 Princ of Sociology Bugai 3 TR 3:4-5:005P 200ME
1204 SOC*240 Criminology Mikulski 3 T 5:15-7:45P 217CM
1209 SPA*102 Elementary Spanish II STAFF 3 TR 3:45 -5:00P 205ME

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