shoreline Welcome to our shoreline location! Evening classes are available at Westbrook High School, our new shoreline location! When registering for a shoreline course, look for “WESTBROOK” in the title.

New Shoreline Location

Westbrook High School 156 McVeagh Rd. Westbrook, CT 06498

Shoreline Courses Available Fall 2015

3042BMG*F2023Principles of ManagementT05:30 pm-8:00 pmStaff08/31-12/18FWEST
3304ENG*F1013CompositionTR06:30 pm-07:50 pmStaff08/31-12/18FWEST 204
3130MAT*F1373Intermediate AlgebraTR05:30 pm-06:50 pmIrene E. Duncan08/31-12/18FWEST 203
3402PSY*1113General Psych IM06:30 pm-09:10 pmStaff08/31-12/18FWEST 203
†   Credit does not satisfy degree requirements. MW – This course meets Monday, Wednesday evenings. TR – This course meets Tuesday, Thursday evenings.

How To Register

To register for shoreline classes, please follow the steps for new students and current students.

Any Questions?

Contact the Office of Enrollment Services at 860-343-5719 or