Special English Course Offerings  Spring 2014

ENG*096 Introduction to College English (6 credits)

  • Prepares students for the reading and writing demands in Composition and other college-level courses by integrating reading, writing, and critical thinking.  Student writing is focused on understanding, reporting on, reacting to, and analyzing the ideas of others.  Texts will serve as models and sources for students to refine their skills in exposition, interpretation, and argumentation.  Students learn and practice specific college-level skills through critical reading and writing, and class discussions, lectures, group presentations, or workshops. In order to be eligible to pass the course, students need a C or higher on the portfolio and a C or higher for the final grade. This course does not satisfy an English requirement or an elective in any degree program, nor do its credits count toward graduation. If a student passes this course, the student would then go to ENG101 or ENG101Embedded.

rwintensivePlacement: Sentence Skills and Reading Comprehension, ≥57 and ≤71
Contact: Donna Bontatibus    dbontatibus@mxcc.edu
Spring 2014 Semester
CRN: 1681 (ENG096)
TR 5:30-8:20 P.M.
Middletown Campus

ENG063 ALP (3 credits) & ENG101 ALP (3 credits)—Accelerated Learning Program that pairs ENG101 composition with ENG063 Introduction to the Essay in one semester.

  • This course is part of the Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) combination of ENG*063 and ENG*101.  Students registered for both (ENG*101ALP)  and (ENG* 063ALP) will have the opportunity to receive credit for both courses.  These courses run in consecutive time blocks:  ENG*101 is the primary course and will be offered first; then ENG*063 will continue through the second block to support the work required in ENG*101ALP. Students who complete and pass both courses will receive credit for ENG*101.
  • Students who do not pass ENG *101 but pass ENG *063 are advised to register for another ALP block or an ENG *101 E, but students may register for a traditional ENG *101.

Placement into Course
Sentence Skills > 72 and < 87 and Reading Comprehension > 72 and < 82
Contact: Christine Ruggiero cruggiero@mxcc.edu or Adam Floridia afloridia@mxcc.edu
Middletown:Students must register for the following CRN numbers.
CRN: 1653 TR 9:30-10:50 a.m. (Composition ENG101 ALP)
CRN: 1667  TR 11-12:20 a.m. (Intro to Essay ENG063 ALP)

Meriden: Students must register for the following CRN numbers.
CRN: 1351  TR 11-12:20 p.m. (Composition ENG101 ALP)
CRN: 1668   TR 12:30-1:50 p.m. (Intro to Essay ENG063 ALP) 

ENG*101 E, 3 credits/4 contact hours, Composition Embedded

  • Composition focuses on the study and practice of effective written communication across a variety of rhetorical situations. The course develops skills in applying language conventions, engaging with and using authoritative sources, and crafting logical arguments. Composition with Embedded Support meets the same outcomes as ENG101, but offers students additional support through supplemental instruction, increased time on task, focused workshops, and/or tutoring.  This is an “L” Course.

Contact:  Dale Griffith: dgriffith@mxcc.edu
Reading Skills Requirement: Reading exempt based on Accuplacer Reading Comprehension scores, SAT Scores, grade C- or better in ENG*073; grade C or better in ESL*173.
Writing Skills Requirement: Writing placement based on Accuplacer Sentence Skills sores, SAT scores, or C- or better in ENG*063.
Accuplacer Placement Ranges:
Reading exemption or completion of ENG073 with a C- or higher and SS > 83 and <88

CRN: 1638 ENG101E
M,W 11-1:05 p.m.
Middletown Campus