Student Senate Organizational Chart


President – Acts as an official representative of the student body, and leads all Senate and executive board meetings. Prepares the official weekly meeting agenda in coordination with the other Senate Officers. Ensures that all members of Senate fulfill their duties as outlined in the Constitution. Works closely with the Director of Student Activities.

Vice President – Acts as an official representative of the Student Body and oversees the Senate Social Planning Committee which plans and executes activities and events for students. Assumes the role of president in his or her absence.

Secretary – Records, maintains and distributes all regular Senate and executive board meeting minutes. Assumes the duties of the Student Senate President in his or her absence, removal, or resignation, should the Vice President be unable to do so.

Treasurer Assists in developing the annual budget and reports on all budget matters. Assumes the duties of the Student Senate President in his or her absence, removal, or resignation, should the Vice President or Secretary be unable to do so.

Senators-at-Large – Represents the student body and has a vote in all Student Senate matters. Attends all Student Senate weekly meetings and serves on various Senate and campus-wide committees.

Club Representatives Each official student club (as approved by Student Senate each year) holds voting membership on Senate and is deemed a “Senator.” Club Reps work in coordination with Student Senate through the sharing of communication and resources.

Director of Student Activities – The official advisor to the Student Senate.

Senate Committees:

Executive – Consists of the officers of the Student Senate. It prepares the agenda for regular Senate meetings and assumes leadership responsibility for the group.

Social Planning – Plans social, cultural, recreational and other events for the Student Body. Vice President serves as Chair of the Social Planning Committee.

Budget – Prepares the yearly Student Senate budget, in close coordination with the Director of Student Activities. Reviews all budget requests and makes recommendations to the Student Senate. The Senate Treasurer will serve as Chair of the Budget Committee.

Constitution – Conducts annual review and modification of the Student Senate Constitution per approval of the Student Body. Reviews and approves the Constitution of each recognized club or organization on campus.

Website – Maintains the Student Senate website.

Game Room – Communicates with the students using the Game Room to identify, propose and make changes to the space, and address issues, concerns, and needs of the students using the room.

Campus Renovations – Identifies and proposes recommendations to enhance the common space areas for greater student comfort and usage.

Randy Cuartas – Student Senate President

Randy Cuartas
My name is Randy Cuartas and I am the current President of Student Senate. Currently I am in the Engineering Sciences Degree here at MxCC. As President I have tried to keep the concerns of students as the top priority of Senate. It is never easy to try and have the concerns of 2900 students, but we try our best to have all of you in mind! Needless to say, we are always looking towards more people joining as well as any ideas that you, as a student, may have. If there are any questions concerning anything here on campus, you can find me in the Student Activities Office in Founder’s Hall, Room 127.

Shawna Niles – Student Senate Vice President

Shawna Niles
I’m Shawna Niles and I am the Student Senate Vice President. I currently have an Associates Degree in Baking and Pastry Arts and am now working towards getting my Early Childhood Education Degree. I joined Senate because I wanted the chance to help make a difference in what goes on at our school and to represent the student body. I plan most of the activities with the help of other Senate and club members. Look for me in the Student Activities Office in Room 127, Founders Hall if there’s anything I can help with.

William Cormier – Student Senate Secretary

William Cormier

Lorraine King – Student Senate Treasurer

Lorraine King

Tyquan Crump – Student Senator & Creative Writing Club Representative

Tyquan Crump

Ben Gelfand – Student Senator

Ben Gelfand
My Name is Ben Gelfand and I am proud to be a member of the first group of students in the Honors Program here at Middlesex. This is my first year in the Senate, and it has been a thrill to be a part of it. I urge anybody to run for a senatorial position here at the college because there is a lot to be gained from taking this sort of responsibility. Leadership is huge. One thing I have learned is that leadership is not a personality or a type of person. Rather it is behaviour. If you think you are not a leader, you are wrong. Everybody is a leader. Join the Senate and you will see your inner leadership come clear to you.
I am a musician, and I am currently working on fulfilling my Assosiates Degree before I move to New York City in the fall of 2015. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I am here to help anybody who needs it on campus.

Harsh Patel – Student Senator

Harsh Patel

Marissa Sutera – Student Senator

Marisa Sutera
Hello, my name is Marissa Francesca Sutera. This is my first semester at MXCC and my first semester as a Senator-at-Large. I am currently in the General Studies under the Honors Program. I hope to attend CCSU when I leave MxCC and pursue a Teaching Degree for Early Childhood Education. I never used to be interested in getting involved with my school but I am glad I did and for the friends I have made in doing so. I am always interested in helping people and giving the student body a voice. You can always find me in the Student Activities Office, Room 127 in Founders Hall, working with Micki as a Work Study student. Stop by to say “hi!”

Lindsay Grote – Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Club Representative

Lindsay Grote
I’m Lindsay Grote and I have been at Middlesex Community College for three semesters and majoring in Multimedia. Once I graduate from MxCC I plan on transferring to Central Connecticut State University and receive a Graphic Design Bachelor’s Degree. I am the representative of Phi Theta Kappa on Student Senate and I am also the Vice President of PTK. I love volunteering at activities and events on campus along with the being a volunteer firefighter in my town.

Imran Tariq – Human Services Student Association (HSSA) Club Representative

Imran Tariq

Chris Lindblom – Computer Club Representative

My name is Chris and I am in my second year at MxCC. I am currently going to school for a Marketing Degree and plan on transferring to CCSU. I am the representative to the Student Senate and a very active member in the Computer Cub. You can usually find me around campus passing out fliers or putting up posters for Computer Club events. Do not be afraid to come up to me about events around the school as I will most likely be involved in some way.

David James McDonald – Students Promoting Equality, Assurance & Knowledge (S.P.E.A.K.) Club Representative

David James McDonaldI am David James McDonald, I’m starting my sophomore year here at MxCC come Spring 2014, though I’ve only actually been here for one semester. I am fairly peripatetic. I was born in Georgia, US; but I have been to the UK, Austria, Canada, Holland, France, Germany, Arizona, Chicago, and most recently Amherst, Massachusetts. I’m 23 and started college when I was 19 at Valdosta State University, but put my education on hold until earlier this year. I am the Vice President of SPEAK (Students Promoting Equality, Acceptance, and Knowledge), as well as the Club Representative, and a Student Advisor to the Board of Regents for the state of Connecticut. I have run, and will continue to run Ally training sessions, educating teachers, staff, and students on the issues and educating them about the LGBTIQA community. I hope to be presenting at this years True Colors Conference at UConn along with the other members of my group! I am studying for a General Education Degree and a certificate in Multimedia and hope to continue my education at a four year college studying Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science for a double major! I am passionate about my current career in modelling, but also take an interest in graphic design, photography, singing, and public speech.

Thomas Heintz – Student Environmental Association for Sustainability (SEAS) Club Representative

Thomas HeintzI am in my second year at MxCC studying environmental science. I am the president of SEAS, the student environmental club. After graduating MxCC I plan on continuing on to study marine biology. I enjoy spending my free time outdoors hiking and backpacking. I am a religious Red Sox fan and spend many a summer night screaming at my TV while watching games.

Board of Regents Representatives:

  • Randy Cuartas
  • David James McDonald