Student Senate Organizational Chart


President – Acts as an official representative of the student body, and leads all Senate and executive board meetings. Prepares the official weekly meeting agenda in coordination with the other Senate Officers. Ensures that all members of Senate fulfill their duties as outlined in the Constitution. Works closely with the Director of Student Activities.

Vice President – Acts as an official representative of the Student Body and oversees the Senate Social Planning Committee which plans and executes activities and events for students. Assumes the role of president in his or her absence.

Secretary – Records, maintains and distributes all regular Senate and executive board meeting minutes. Assumes the duties of the Student Senate President in his or her absence, removal, or resignation, should the Vice President be unable to do so.

Treasurer Assists in developing the annual budget and reports on all budget matters. Assumes the duties of the Student Senate President in his or her absence, removal, or resignation, should the Vice President or Secretary be unable to do so.

Senators-at-Large – Represents the student body and has a vote in all Student Senate matters. Attends all Student Senate weekly meetings and serves on various Senate and campus-wide committees.

Club Representatives Each official student club (as approved by Student Senate each year) holds voting membership on Senate and is deemed a “Senator.” Club Reps work in coordination with Student Senate through the sharing of communication and resources.

Director of Student Activities – The official advisor to the Student Senate.

Senate Committees:

Executive – Consists of the officers of the Student Senate. It prepares the agenda for regular Senate meetings and assumes leadership responsibility for the group.

Social Planning – Plans social, cultural, recreational and other events for the Student Body. Vice President serves as Chair of the Social Planning Committee.

Budget – Prepares the yearly Student Senate budget, in close coordination with the Director of Student Activities. Reviews all budget requests and makes recommendations to the Student Senate. The Senate Treasurer will serve as Chair of the Budget Committee.

Constitution – Conducts annual review and modification of the Student Senate Constitution per approval of the Student Body. Reviews and approves the Constitution of each recognized club or organization on campus.

Website – Maintains the Student Senate website.

Game Room – Communicates with the students using the Game Room to identify, propose and make changes to the space, and address issues, concerns, and needs of the students using the room.

Campus Renovations – Identifies and proposes recommendations to enhance the common space areas for greater student comfort and usage.

AnthonyAnthony R.J. Moran – Student Senate President

My name is Anthony Moran and this is my second semester at Middlesex. I am a Criminal Justice Major. My goal  is to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration    in either Juvenile and Family Services or Law Enforcement Administration. I am not only involved as President of Student Senate; I am also a proud member of the “Students Promoting Acceptance, Equality and Knowledge (S.P.E.A.K.) club on campus. Besides school I am a   nine-year resident of Middletown where I have become very politically involved as a member of the Middletown Republican Party and as an appointed member of the Middletown Urban Forestry Commission. I hope to have more public events to make our College more community connected. If I can be of any assistance to any student or if you are interested in joining Student Senate, please feel free to contact me at or you can find me after class   in the Student Activities Office located in Founders Hall, Room 127.

Tenzin BhumbaTenzin Bhumba – Student Senate Vice President

As a Multimedia major, you can most often find me in the New Media Department. From Photoshop to filming, digital media is what I’m about. Before becoming Vice President, I was the Mission Coordinator and Treasurer of the Film & Video Club on campus. When I’m not in class, production, or hanging out in the Student Lounge, I’m probably at the upper field playing soccer with the MxCC Soccer Club.Why did I join Student Senate? Because of the parliamentary procedures, critical thinking, and decision making involved, I see Student Senate as a great place to mature, develop, and perform at a high level. Out of gratitude for all of the opportunities and experiences Middlesex has given me, I also serve to give back. My objective, as Vice President, is to help lead the Senate and student body to excellence as we aim to make Middlesex Community College the best it can gracefully be.

 – Student Senate Secretary


20160114_140828Rachel Russo – Student Senate Treasurer

I’m Rachel and this is my second semester as a Freshman at MxCC. I am currently the Treasurer of Student Senate as well as being involved in MxCC’s Soccer Cllub. When not on campus, I maintain two jobs as well as spending time at dance. I make time for babysitting my younger cousins and hanging out with friends.

I believe I can contribute my efforts as Student Senate Treasurer because I plan to major in business/accouting when I transfer. This is also a learning experience for me. I had a similar position in high school, so I am familiar with the responsibilities. If I can assist you in any way on campus, please feel free to stop by the Student Activities Office in Founders Hall, Room 127, where I am the office work study student.

James Fahey – Senator-at-Large/Creative Writing Club Representative

My Name is James Fahey. I am a goal oriented student, and MxCC is only the beginning to another beginning; a launch pad for my dreams, and a platform for personal growth.

I am currently the Creative Writing Club President and a Senator-at-Large in Student Senate; However proud I am of these honored titles, they do not separate me in the classroom. I am studying to receive a degree just like any other student, and any affect I have on campus has more to do with personality and mentality, rather than achievements or intelligence. I am a part of the student body, not a separate entity, or primal force.

I hope to meet some of you on campus, and you will achieve what you pursue, just work towards the success that you wish to share with the world. I wish your dreams to be a reality.

MarinaMarina Capezzone – Theater Club Representative

I’m club rep and Co-President of/for the Theater Club here at MxCC. This will be only my second semester here at Middlesex Community College, but in the time that I have been here I, along with my fellow Co-President, have brought the Theatre Club back after three years of a hiatus. We have held Improv events and made plans for the spring semester such as a trip to The Bushnell to see “Matilda.” But you don’t want to know who I am and what I’ve done. You want to know why I take on these responsibilities. Because I feel that there is a lack of outlets for students to express themselves in theatrics. I want to help you express your ideas and talents. Whether it’s lighting the stage, acting, writing the story, or anything in between. I want to help you make it come to life. After having a theatre internship with Ingrid Walsh who directs the award-winning musicals of Valley Regional High School, I have learned a lot of information and skills on how to make a production come together and excel. Theatre is such a beautiful art. The living art. Have an idea? You can find me in Founders Hall in the Student Lounge or in the Cafeteria between classes. You don’t have to wait until after college to make some dreams come true! That can start now. That’s what I’m here for!

Ben PalazzoBenjamin Palazzo – Senator-at-Large/Martial Arts Club Representative

I am in General Studies with a Pre-Med Focus and I am in the Honors Program at MxCC. I am the Student Advisory Committee Representative for the Board of Regents for MxCC. Other things I am involved in are: MxCC Martial Arts Club President, Computer Club (casually), Robotics Club (formerly), MxCC Student Ambassador. I joined Student Senate for the opportunity to give back to my community that I feel has done so much for me already. As for my current plans for the College, I plan to perform outreach to high school students through our newly founded Student Ambassador Program, so they may learn about our great school and find out why Middlesex truly is a quality secondary education at an affordable price. I also plan to try to help grow the College’s Honors Program – a program which I believe helped me grow both academically and socially as a student leader. Finally, I plan to reach out to our elected legislators to help grow a more active relationship between them and Middlesex Community College, but more importantly to let them see how this school is helping every student day by day to become effective members of society.

Board of Regents Representative:

  • Benjamin Palazzo – Student Advisory Committee Representative
  • Sam Laurencelle – (SAC Alternate)