Specific short-term goals identified in MxCC’s Climate Action Plan, 2015-2016:

Expansion of healthy food choicesRatio of healthy food sales to fried/grilled food salesANSurvey conducted Fall 2015 to gather customer feedback.
Sourcing more locally grown foodPercentage of food purchased from local farms AN
Collect and compost food wasteReduction in waste that is not placed in dumpsters ANNew proposal presented to Exec. Council Nov. 2015. Pilot to begin Spring 2016.
Install a point of use water heaterBetter supply of hot water, reduction in cost producing hot water AIIThis is happening in the new Manufacturing building. The kitchen in Founders will be remodeled soon (architect has been hired) – the plan is for a flash water heater.
Switch to using natural organic cleaning productsPotential cost savings and reduction in use of chemicals AN
Redesign the kitchen to be more efficient and “green”Kitchen will be redesigned for greater efficiency and use of resourcesAII As noted above, there are plans in the works for a complete kitchen redesign.

* Achievable now (AN), achievable with additional resources (AAR), achievable through policy changes (APC), achievable through institutional investment (AII)