1819-001 Academic Cal. Final Grades

Full Name
Joanne Faust
Email address
Phone Number
Role at MxCC
·         Staff
Submitted on behalf of:
Joanne Faust
Proposal Title
Change of Date for Final Grades Submission Spring 2019
Proposal Type
Request for Action (obtain approval)
Proposal Description/Rationale
I am requesting that the final grade submission date for Spring 2019 be changed from Wednesday, 5/22/19 at 5pm to Tuesday, 5/21/19 at 9am. I am making this request on the basis that there will not be enough time to process grades, certify graduates, make calls for those that didn’t meet requirements, determine graduation statistics, and update/proof multiple copies of program before the final printing if the deadline is not adjusted. Young’s Printing (graduation program) and I am losing a day with Memorial Day on 5/27/19.
Does this proposal have campus-wide implications? If yes, how so? If not a campus-wide concern, you may want to refer this issue to your supervisor
Yes – as the faculty will need to be aware of the updated grade submission date.
Does this proposal address a strategic priority of the college? If so, describe.
Does this proposal have budgetary implications? If so, describe projected costs and funding sources.
Is this proposal time sensitive? If so, describe the timeframe for implementation.
Yes – time sensitive in relation to graduation.
What governing body at MxCC do you feel would be most appropriate to address your interests?
·         Curriculum Committee

·         Academic Assembly