Dental Office Manager

faith-fraulinoFaith Fraulino, MxCC 1983                 

“My associate degree from Middlesex (1983) allowed me to move into a position as an assistant to the marketing director at Liberty Bank, then to Aetna as an underwriter, and ultimately, for nearly 30 years, to the Middletown dental practice of Dr. Michele Salonia where I am office manager,” said Faith Fraulino in 2017.

“Middlesex also allowed me the flexibility of working while I earned my degree. The professors were sympathetic to the fact that students came from various circumstances and extended themselves to help us achieve a higher education.

“I know that Middlesex offers its students the same individualized attention, flexibility, and commitment today that I fondly remember, because our son graduated in 2016. He had the same wonderful community college experience that I had many years ago,” she added.