Landscape Artist

aleta-gudelskiAleta Gudelski      MxCC ’86           Landscape Artist

Adjunct Fine Arts Instructor at MxCC since 1986 and former Department Chair of Fine Arts at East Catholic High School in Manchester (1992-2001), Aleta Gudulski received her “best design and theory instruction at MxCC…The hands-on approach of my fine art instructors helped me to gain confidence in the skills I already had, and the experience challenged me to grow beyond my comfort zone.  The personal attention and professional expertise at Middlesex provided an excellent foundation for my own teaching at every level.”

Aleta earned an Associates Degree at Middlesex in 1986, a B.A. in Art and Education from Southern Connecticut State University in l981, and an M.A. in Arts and Liberal Studies from Wesleyan in l991.  She resides in Durham.