Laura Krueger ’89


MxCC Alum and Parent

Laura Krueger earned her associate degree in Broadcast Communications from Middlesex Community College in 1989 and is currently the director of public relations and marketing for The Salvation Army, Southern New England Division.

“It is that unique experience, learned at MxCC, that has made me marketable to one of the largest charitable organizations around—and I owe it all to my wonderful college experience,” said Laura, who is originally from Middletown and lives in Meriden.

Laura’s superb experience at MxCC also made Middlesex her family’s top pick when choosing a college for her son Kevin. “I knew he would enjoy taking classes there, especially in the digital media production program,” Laura said. “There’s a supportive feeling of community, and the faculty is top notch!” Kevin just finished his first year at MxCC and plans on graduating with his associate degree in 2018.

“I am continuously surprised at the ways in which MxCC has given me the tools needed to span the course of multiple careers, “ Laura explained, reflecting on her time at the College. “As a dance studio owner for 21 years, the broadcast training helped me put together the technical side of dance recitals. Everything from sound, lighting, video and rigging, to directing, technical cues and show production. I had all of these things in mind during the course of the year as I choreographed routines.”

“This enabled me to produce events and marketing at Westfield Shoppingtown in Meriden. As performing groups came in, I could speak the lingo of the equipment needed, and if the sound system needed phono jacks or 3-pin XLRs. I was able to work with radio and television stations for commercial advertising, news pieces, telethons and radio-thons,” she added.

As a production manager for cable, Laura knew the ins and outs of putting together television commercials and programs—even creating and teaching a television production course for public access users, using one of her favorite books at MxCC. Having learned all the positions of broadcast news, she could easily jump from floor director, to camera operator, to teleprompter while working at FOX 61.

One of the things Laura enjoyed most at MxCC was her time as the president/station manager and disc jockey at the College’s radio station. She continued doing this for Silver City Sound and Video for oldies cruises, weddings, car shows and events, and was a videographer for these and corporate productions as well. Having worked with the media, she was asked to manage national advertising and media for Cecchetti USA, a classical ballet organization.

Along with her MxCC degree, this extensive background has prepared Laura for her work with The Salvation Army. She has a connection to television and radio technicians, reporters and anchors. She knows what they need on their end to make their news pieces come together because she’s been there.

Laura also is an active member of the MxCC Alumni Network and is interested in supporting the MxCC Foundation’s efforts in strengthening the College’s presence in the community and beyond.

August 2017