Laurie Lynne Zlotowski

laurie_lynne_zlotowskiLaurie Lynne Zlotowski, MxCC 1996

Meriden native Laurie Lynne Zlotowski always had a flair for the creative and entrepreneurial sides of life. Using the fruits of her 1996 Middlesex Community College associate degree, which included both design and business classes, Laurie Lynne has taken the customized parties she has been arranging since the age of 18 and turned them into a career.

In 2016, she founded Creative Girl Studios at a charming location on Main Street in Middletown. For nearly four years, children and adults found excitement and networking opportunities by participating in the Creative Girl experience, either by joining a scheduled workshop or calling Laurie Lynne to design your own.

Laurie Lynne is also a jewelry designer and arts and crafts instructor. Learn more about her creative passion at