MxCC Mother/Daughter Pathway

Mother/Daughter PathwayMary Cavallo, MxCC 1998, and daughter Emma Palmieri, MxCC 2011, applaud Middlesex for providing the perfect pathway for achieving their Bachelor’s Degrees from Trinity College’s Individualized Degree Program in Hartford. Emma, who graduated from MxCC Phi Theta Kappa and was the first recipient of an MxCC Honors Society Scholarship, praises the solid background she received from Middlesex, particularly in history, with “thanks in particular to Professor Triay.”

“The amazing diversity I found in every class at Middlesex was a valuable and memorable part of my educational experience,” recalls Emma’s mother.

Mary, who graduated Cum Laude from Trinity in 2004, is now the CEO of ViBergman Real Estate, serving the tri-state area with offices in Manhattan, Greenwich, and Boston.

Daughter Emma plans to complete her Bachelor’s Degree at Trinity in Educational Studies in 2015. Both alumnae live in Middlefield, Connecticut.