New School – New Start

Tol-PhotoTol Butler MxCC ’69

I was one of Middlesex Community College’s very first students. I enrolled in the General Education Associates Degree program in 1966 and graduated in 1969.  Prior to attending MxCC, I really felt I was adrift, with no goal or plan for what to do next in life.  After I graduated from Cromwell High School, I spent the summer trying to envision what my future could hold, but I just couldn’t find a path.  That September, when MxCC (then known as MCC) opened its doors, I saw an opportunity and took the first steps towards a better future.  I honestly feel that the education I received at MxCC was the foundation for my career as a business owner and upper management in the commercial construction industry.  For more than 45 years, I worked in construction, building a successful career that supported my family and that was a positive part of our local economy.  As I think back on that summer after high school, I realize MxCC was just starting out too – and I’m glad that I was part of something special.