Producer for Connecticut Network

billfloodBill Flood, MxCC ’89

Portland resident, Bill Flood received his associate degree from MxCC in Broadcast Communications in 1989 and now produces for Connecticut’s public access network, “the CSPAN of the Constitution State,” with events designed to encourage civic engagement.

“At MxCC, I enjoyed the small class size, the diversity of ages and experiences among my fellow students, and the teachers. When I took John Shafer’s Media Aesthetic course, something clicked. I started hanging out in the studio, where we got to play with all sorts of toys—tools, I should say. The same tools the professionals were using in live broadcasting at the time. That’s important. MxCC was a part of the real world. We were constantly encouraged through internships and other ways to work on real projects.  People on the staff and fellow students had work and world experience they were living every day. MxCC connected me with WTNH where I got a job as a broadcast journalist. And I was off!”