Start Early, Finish Early

Victoria DomkowskiMiddlesex Community College offers eligible high school students from the area to enroll in college courses and receive credit. Victoria Domkowski of Middletown did just that.

In fact, Victoria earned her associate degree in general studies in August 2020, after graduating from Middletown High School in June 2020.

Back when Victoria was a high school sophomore with honors, she was seeking more variety in her classes. In the fall of 2018, her high school guidance counselor suggested she attend the freshman seminar course at Middlesex. These courses are designed to transition students to academic life, build skill sets to support their studies, and introduce students to majors and careers as part of their professional development.

In the Spring 2019 semester, Victoria enrolled in English and psychology courses at Middlesex and continued with science and criminal justice classes in Fall 2019 semester. She also completed the Certified Nurse Aide program that summer.

“Taking the CNA course gave me confidence,” Victoria said. “It allowed me to work clinical hours at a convalescent home, giving me an opportunity for first-hand experience in the medical field.”

After she became a full-time student, Victoria said she received good advice from her chemistry professor, Kimberly Thomas. Professor Thomas helped guide her on deciding what major to pursue for a future career in the medical field.

Before the pandemic forced all classes online in the spring of 2020, Victoria was taking four college courses—all on campus. But she said she had “no complaints” about the transition to online classes via Webex.

She even attended Middlesex’s virtual Commencement ceremony in May 2020, prior to completing her final summer courses in calculus and Spanish to officially earn her associate degree.

Now that Victoria has explored many academic subjects during her early college experience, she wants to become a doctor. She is grateful for the direction for what classes are needed to pursue a medical degree from Emily Canto, Middlesex career counselor.

“I enjoy school,” said Victoria. “If you don’t know what you want to do, explore your options at Middlesex. It’s also a less expensive option.”

During her time at the college, Victoria also worked at the front desk for the College Information and Communications Center in Founders Hall.

In 2022, Victoria is pursuing a four-year degree in biology at Quinnipiac University and working part-time at Three Rivers Community College.

October 2020
Written by Thea Moritz