The Professor

dale griffith

Dale Griffith MxCC ‘89

Dale Griffith attended Middlesex in the 70’s and 80’s while raising her children through difficult marriages, graduating with honors finally in l989. Earning her BA at Wesleyan (l992) on scholarship, Dale was then hired by the York Correctional Institution to give writing workshops with author Wally Lamb to female inmates. She earned an MA from Wesleyan in 2005, became an adjunct instructor at MxCC, then full-time member of the English Department in 2007, and is now a full professor.

“Middlesex changed my life.  When I enrolled for the second time, my personal life was in shambles. My self-esteem was low. While Wesleyan later polished the rough edges, it was MxCC and its wonderful teachers who helped me to find some treasure in the rubble of my life.”