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The Niche is in Founders Hall across from the Registrar’s Office. Hours: Monday through Thursday 8 a.m.–7 p.m.; Fridays 8 a.m.–4 p.m.



March 22 – May 2, 2019

Opening Reception on Wednesday, March 27, 1:30-3 p.m. at the Niche in Founders Hall


“Portrait of a Young Man,” 2019, egg tempera on panel, 7×5 inch oval.

Sheri Schwartz draws inspiration from Renaissance and ancient Roman painting in her portrayal of contemporary subjects. Traditional oil paint, egg tempera, and gilding materials are employed and imbue each with a classical presence. The jewel-like qualities of miniature painting, historical references, and illusionistic precision juxtapose psychologically charged facial expressions and distinctly contemporary hair and dress.  Figures dominate each composition prominently and seem to occupy familiar “Microcosms” mirror aspects of our own.

Artworks on view are miniature to small panel paintings, no larger than eleven inches in either direction. Schwartz paints mainly with a kolinsky sable round brush in a size range of three-aught to zero. She has exhibited through Connecticut and New York and instructs art courses at Middlesex Community College in Middletown, CT and Northwestern Connecticut Community College in Winsted, CT.  She earned an MFA in Painting from Western Connecticut State University and BFA in Painting from Boston University. See more of her work at




“silence like lasagna”


January 18 – March 7, 2019

Opening Reception on Thursday, February 7, 5:30-7 p.m. in Pegasus Gallery


Joe Bun Keo

Joe Bun Keo employs written language and the juxtaposition of everyday objects to develop unexpected narratives and dialogue. The existing identities that new and secondhand “readymade” objects possess are manipulated through arrangement and recontextualization.   Bun Keo’s installations and sculptures address “… reoccurring issues of art and labor, family life, cultural identity and linguistics.”  Most recent projects include headphones, beer cans, sandals, pillows, bottled water, Mylar balloons, food, commercial signage, ladder, soap, rope, typed and hand-written text.  It’s Bun Keo’s use of evocative art work titles and text within the actual works that guide audience viewing and message reception.

Joe Bun Keo earned his B.F.A. in sculpture from the Hartford Art School and lives in Hartford, CT.  See more of his work and curated projects at