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March 22 – May 2, 2019

Opening Reception on Wednesday, March 27, 4:30-7 p.m. in Pegasus Gallery


“Lips1,” oil, 24 x 36 inches, February 2001.

Frank Stellabotte’s abstract imagery evolves out of observations made through microscopes. Organic materials transformed by profoundly magnified perspectives are reimagined as colorfully evocative forms and pattern rich compositions. These works seek to inspire associative discovery and expand perception beyond the constraints of subject matter alone.

Stellabotte began painting in the 1980s, yet later at Trinity College his work was influenced by experiments with electron microscopes. His work has been displayed at the Lyman Allyn Art Museum, Manchester Community College, and the New York Hall of Science. He is currently an assistant professor in the School of Allied Health, Business, and STEM at Middlesex Community College in Middletown, Conn. Prior to that, he completed two postdoctoral fellowships at the University of Southern California and the House Research Institute of Los Angeles. He earned a PhD in Biology from Wesleyan University with concentrations in genetics and developmental biology; and, a BS in Biochemistry from Trinity College.



“silence like lasagna”


January 18 – March 7, 2019

Opening Reception on Thursday, February 7, 5:30-7 p.m. in Pegasus Gallery


Joe Bun Keo

Joe Bun Keo employs written language and the juxtaposition of everyday objects to develop unexpected narratives and dialogue. The existing identities that new and secondhand “readymade” objects possess are manipulated through arrangement and recontextualization. Bun Keo’s installations and sculptures address “… reoccurring issues of art and labor, family life, cultural identity and linguistics.” Most recent projects include headphones, beer cans, sandals, pillows, bottled water, Mylar balloons, food, commercial signage, ladder, soap, rope, typed and hand-written text. It’s Bun Keo’s use of evocative art work titles and text within the actual works that guide audience viewing and message reception.

Joe Bun Keo earned his BFA in sculpture from the Hartford Art School and lives in Hartford, CT. See more of his work and curated projects at

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