Michael Amouzou


Michael Amouzou

Financial Aid Specialist
Phone: 860-343-5737
Email: mamouzou@mxcc.edu Indicates Email address
Office Location: Founders Hall, Room 121
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Michael Amouzou has been working in the Financial Aid Department at MxCC for more than seven years, helping high school seniors and other adults secure aid and support to pursue a degree in their chosen career.

For many students, paying for college can be a barrier to starting or completing a degree. Michael works to overcome these obstacles, helping create individualized financial aid packages that meet each student’s specific need.

For the past four years, Michael has been coordinating the College Goal Sunday workshop at MxCC.  A major emphasis of this event is to help students, parents and guardians understand the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form, which is the most important form needed to secure financial aid for college.  His expertise in this area has proven to be a valuable resource for families who are just learning about this sometimes complex process.

Michael earned his master’s degree from Central Connecticut State University, his bachelor’s degree from Pace University, and his associate’s degree from Hostos Community College in New York.