Richard Lenoce

Richard Lenoce

Professor & Program Coordinator, Digital Media Production
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When he was four years old, Rich Lenoce was watching Loony Tunes and wondered how someone could put a rabbit, a duck and a hunter with a gun into a box and not let them out. When he went behind the TV to free them, he saw there were no characters, just magical lights flashing. The light has never gone out.

Professor Lenoce has taught broadcast and film courses at Middlesex for the last 20 years teaching nearly every course in the program. As coordinator of the Broadcast-Cinema program, he has co-developed many courses and programs including the Multimedia, Corporate Media and Film Industry Training Programs. He considers himself a teacher first but has worked in media production for over 30 years. He started out interning and working at tiny TV stations eventually freelancing for CBS and CBS affiliate stations. He then moved into corporate, marketing and educational productions producing over 300 videos and 150 live broadcasts. Prior to Middlesex, Professor Lenoce worked for 10 years at Aetna Life and Casualty in Hartford and Middletown, first as a broadcast engineer designing systems and facilities for their then state of the production and education center in Middletown and then as a media producer.

Professor Lenoce first came to Middlesex as an adjunct instructor while in graduate school and at the time was put in charge of supervising media production interns at Aetna. He noticed that there was something special about the Middlesex students that interns from other schools didn’t have–and those schools included the large communication schools like Syracuse, Emerson and Quinnipiac. MxCC Broadcast interns could think on their feet and were far more experienced in production than their counterparts. Lenoce discovered that this came from the hands-on experiences they were given while at MxCC that starts on the first day of classes and allows them to grow and expand their skills during their time at the college. MxCC students had, and still exhibit, professionalism balanced with a creative passion to tell stories and learn the latest technologies. Small classes and a learning environment allow students to explore their strengths and contribute collaboratively to meaningful projects.

Middlesex has given Professor Lenoce the opportunity to continue his work professionally, often involving students. He has produced programming for CPTV, a television pilot and worked with Professor John Shafer and producer Lisa Simmons putting a team of Hollywood professionals together to offer the Connecticut Film Industry Training Program (FITP) at MxCC. Besides FITP, Professor Lenoce has written and overseen several large grants. From 2012-2016, professor Lenoce took a leave of absence as professor to oversee a $2.5 million U.S. Department of Labor grant to create the Center for New Media at MxCC. A major part of that initiative was to oversee design and construction of the most advanced media production classrooms, labs and TV, radio, and music recording studios in New England. He’s returned to full-time teaching coordinating the new Digital Media Production major and its 7 areas of specialization (Film-Video, Multimedia, News & Sports, Audio & Music Production, Corporate Media, Digital Marketing and Web Design & Development) that takes full advantage of MxCC’s new and advanced facilities. He also oversees the Center’s operations including Production Services run by Dan Nocera and Facilities and Student Support Services led by Todd Levesque.

Professor Lenoce, lives with his family including his son Gregory and daughter Isabella in Durham, Connecticut. In his spare time, Professor Lenoce is an avid cyclist, runner and car enthusiast. He can often be seen riding his bike or driving his sports car to work on nice days. He enjoys dancing with Isabella, making science fiction and rocket models with Greg and hiking and fishing with his family.