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Terence McNulty

Professor, English
Phone: 860-343-5889
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Professor Terry McNulty believes that through humor, collaboration, and good will, a classroom can summon revelation.  He believes in the value of confusion and wonder, and he hopes his students leave his classroom conflicted with thought rather than settled by answer.

McNulty believes that metaphysics saves lives.   He accepts the influence of the observer.  He believes in the vigilance of radical doubt.

McNulty would like to know if you agree with Elaine Equi when she writes:

“In brine daylight

thought becomes brimmed.

Fraught with sudden,

steeped in listening.”

While he’s not teaching, McNulty raises his daughter and, while she naps, he writes.  He also cooks many complicated things, all of which taste the same.  His wife remarks on such consistency.

McNulty’s poetry orbits his fundamental distrust of nouns and identity.  His poems have won the Esprit Prize and the Steve Grady Award, and he has served as a Rose Writing Fellow at Brown University.  He was a founding editor of the magazine 92 Nails, and he’s currently working on a manuscript titled “X In.”

He likes you, but he’s not going to let you read it.
Currently Reading

The Middle Room, by Jennifer Moxley

Complete Short Poetry, by Louis Zukofsky

“I Told You I Was Sick:” A Grave Book of Curious Epitaphs by Nigel Rees

University of Scranton, BA in English, Philosophy

University of Maine, MA in English

Brown University, MAT in English Education