Any career coach will tell you — a job in the healthcare field is a good choice in this economy. However, you may not want to work with patients and sickness directly. No problem! There are all sorts of healthcare technician jobs that are fairly easy to break into with a little training. Becoming a Pharmacy Technician is one of those jobs.

Let’s get down to the bottom line – do you need certification to get a job at Walgreens or some other similar pharmacy? Technically, no — the industry is self-regulated, without a law for licensing. However, ask any Pharmacist what makes you a marketable candidate, and they’ll insist that certification is a must.

Here are some benefits you may not have thought of:

  • A Certified Pharmacy Technician earns a higher wage and has more employment opportunities than a non-certified technician.
  • National certification is recognized by every state. Some states mandate that all pharmacy technicians be certified. That means if you move to a state with a requirement for certification, you will have no trouble getting another job.
  • You will be amply prepared for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Exam (PTCB).
  • Even if you are hired without the license, you will be required to take the PTCB if you want to seek a promotion.

Middlesex offers one of the best Pharmacy Technician Certificate Programs in the state of Connecticut. The program is in direct partnership with the CT Pharmacists Association and classes are taught by licensed pharmacists. Offered in both the spring and the fall, students in the program will enjoy a convenient schedule, attending classes two nights a week (Tues/Thurs) from 7-10pm for a 10 week duration.

Who benefits from this program?

1. A high school graduate taking a “gap” year.

You plan to take a year off before attending school and need to find a job that is good money, and looks impressive on a resume. Perhaps you are thinking about a job in the healthcare field. The Pharmacy Tech Certification Program at MxCC gets you out the door and ready for hire in a little more than two months using one year’s tax return. This type of job will ultimately offer you the scheduling flexibility you need when you do go to school. Pharmacies like Walgreens have many hours available that don’t revolve around a 9-5 Monday through Friday schedule.

2. A stay at home mom that needs a job with evening hours.

The course itself will accommodate an evening schedule, as will the job itself. You won’t have to work around illness all day long– something that weighs heavily on most mother’s minds!

3. A retiree looking for some extra income.

The Pharmacy Technician job is not as physically and mentally stressful as a typical healthcare job, where you are dealing directly with patients all day long. It’s a good combination of science and customer service.

4. Anyone who wants to get their feet wet in the healthcare field without months and months of schooling and thousands of dollars invested.

Details about Middlesex’s Pharmacy Technician Program

This program is an excellent opportunity for employment in the rapidly expanding healthcare industry in a field that does not involve direct patient care.

  • Tuition at Middlesex is $1049 which includes your textbook, math calculations workbooks, and practice exams.
  • All classes are taught by licensed pharmacists
  • Course topics include: interpreting prescriptions, identify medications by brand and generic names, prescription dispensing, inventory control, billing and insurance reimbursement. Students learn dosage calculations, IV flow rates, drug compounding, and dose conversion.
  • This program is open to students age 16 and up although graduates may not take the PTCB exam until they are 18 years old.
  • The program is 10 weeks long and meets Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7-10pm
  • Convicted felons are not permitted to sit for the PCTB exam.
  • Graduates are eligible to work in community pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, long term care facilities and home care agencies.

Yes, I want to enroll!

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