Scholarships 2018

Middlesex Community College Students Receive Scholarships

May 2018—The Middlesex Community College Foundation hosted its annual Scholarship Awards Night and presented scholarships to 78 students at the May 2 ceremony. The scholarships are funded by donations from individuals, businesses, service and civic organizations, alumni, and charitable foundations, and by proceeds from special Foundation events, notably the Red Moon Fest and the Cap and Gown 5K Run/Walk.

This year, the Foundation awarded more than $72,000 in scholarships. The recipients were selected by members of the Foundation’s Scholarship Committee, who reviewed completed applications and ensured all criteria were met. The Foundation awards scholarships each spring semester to qualifying students.

Scholarships and recipients were:

  • Altrusa Club International of Central Connecticut Scholarship awarded to Kathleen Charest
  • Alumni Endowed Scholarship awarded to William Velazquez
  • Rowland and Ruth Beaulieu Business Administration Scholarships awarded to Amber Defond, Skylar Ernst, Benjamin Mausteller, Samantha Melendez, Eboni Traverso
  • Rowland and Ruth Beaulieu Endowed Scholarship awarded to Kristin Gleason
  • Boris Burack Endowed Scholarship awarded to Micah Benton
  • Patrick Campbell Scholarship awarded to Sally Haber
  • Dave Champion Memorial Scholarship awarded to Kaeleigh Gould
  • Robert A. Chapman Endowed Scholarship awarded to Nicole Brodeur
  • Hugh and Judith Cox Scholarships awarded to Sarah Ajodhi and Lisa Roy
  • Cheryl E. Czuba Scholarships awarded to Taya Bittle, Aleena Khan, Lady Navarro, Herve Tshimanga
  • Deans’ Endowed Scholarship awarded to Hannah Policard
  • Eames Family Endowed Scholarship awarded to Jeremy Boughton
  • Edie Fuld Annual Scholarship awarded to Gary Lambert
  • Founders Endowed Scholarship awarded to Tabitha Rahmann
  • Gandhi Endowed Scholarship awarded to Cody Walston
  • Carolyn and Ken Innocenzi Meriden Administrator Scholarships awarded to Lisa Giannone and Juan Montes De Oca
  • Paul L. Jones Foundation Scholarships awarded to Alaina Blanchard, Jessica Hill, Hafsa Khan, Monika Kieda, Shannon Lobb, Wynet Reynolds, Alexandra Robison, Samantha Schaefer, Natalia Tomalska
  • Nihla and Bob Lapidus Scholarships awarded to York Clement, Dante Petruzziello, Wafaa Sajid
  • Herbert Levine MD Endowed Scholarship awarded to Madeleine Dumas
  • Liberty Bank Foundation Scholarships awarded to Meghan Dworak, Lauren Feinman, Jimmy Mendoza, Jacob Murphy, Claudia Ortiz, David Preli, Raven Rucker
  • Lisa Massita Scholarship awarded to Ricardo Da Silva
  • Mayor’s Scholarship for Middletown at MxCC awarded to Zachary Tomasino
  • Melvin–Zaffino Scholarship awarded to Daisy Techer
  • Middlesex Community College Faculty Endowed Scholarship awarded to Maui Lopez
  • Middlesex Community College Faculty Scholarships awarded to Bethany Raccio and Mario Richards
  • Middlesex Community College Foundation Scholarship awarded to Madison Rivera
  • MILE (Middlesex Institute for Lifelong Education) Scholarships awarded to Ian Bartolomei and Brandy Dykas
  • Dean Richard Muniz Endowed Scholarship awarded to Emira Martin
  • Dean Richard Muniz Family Scholarship awarded to Adaireliz Nieves
  • Stephanie Nelson Scholarship awarded to Birgetta Johnson
  • Peach Pit Foundation Scholarships awarded to Zachary Turner, Sarah Wall, Harriette Holmes, Gretchen Santacroce, Stephen Watkins
  • Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship awarded to Debra Kennedy
  • Record-Journal Foundation Scholarship awarded to Abraham Texidor Jr.
  • Raymond S. Robinson Endowed Scholarships awarded to Julie Bissonette, Ricquee Davidson, Jessica Kelly, Sarrah Mierzejewski, Grace Strillacci, Krystal Wilson
  • Rotary Club of Middletown Scholarship awarded to Nathalie Mpalaba
  • Jesse J. Salafia Nursing Award awarded to Sunil Ajodhi
  • Martha DePecol Sanner Endowed Scholarships awarded to Darlene Baker, Nicole Bernard, Joceylyn Piscitelli
  • Susan M. Smart Memorial Scholarship awarded to Natalie Pellot
  • STEM Scholarship awarded to Bhavik Modhvadiya
  • Judith and Robert Walsh Scholarship awarded to Selena Rivera
  • Philip and Amy Wheaton Endowed Scholarships awarded to Manahil Khan and Gilianne Oyola
  • Charles and Rachel Wiltsie Scholarship awarded to Kristina Noyes