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Fall Reading + Meeting Schedule!

We meet in the Jean Burr Smith Library (Chapman Hall) in the Periodical Room

I'm Just Happy To Be Here Book CoverMonday, September 24, 12:30 pm

I’m Just Happy to Be Here: A Memoir of Renegade Mothering  By Janelle Hanchett

This is a story we rarely hear–of the addict mother not redeemed by her children; who longs for normalcy but cannot maintain it; and who, having traveled to the bottom of addiction, all the way to “society’s hated mother,” makes it back, only to discover she will always remain an outsider.  Like her irreverent, hilarious, and unflinchingly honest blog, “Renegade Mothering,” Hanchett’s memoir speaks with warmth and wit to those who feel like outsiders in parenthood and life boldly recounting instead how one grows to accept an imperfect self within an imperfect life.  Note from Adam: I have never been a mother nor an addict, but I loved this book and could certainly find ways to relate.  I think everyone should read it!

The Compassionate Achiever book coverMonday, October 29, 12:30 pm

The Compassionate Achiever by Christopher Kuck

A powerful, practical guide for cultivating compassion—the scientifically proven foundation for personal achievement and success at work, at home, and in the community.  Kukk makes clear that practicing compassion isn’t about being a martyr or a paragon of virtue; it’s about rejecting rage and indifference and choosing instead to be a thoughtful, caring problem-solver. He identifies the skills every compassionate achiever should master—listening, understanding, connecting, and acting—and outlines how to develop each, with clear explanations, easy-to-implement strategies, actionable exercises, and real-world examples.  MEET THE AUTHOR: Chris will be visiting MxCC the week of November 12—stay tuned for announcements about events!

The Dinner book cover
Monday, November 26, 12:30 pm

The Dinner by Herman Koch

An internationally bestselling phenomenon: the darkly suspenseful, highly controversial tale of two families struggling to make the hardest decision of their lives – all over the course of one meal.  It takes place on summer’s evening in Amsterdam when two couples meet at a fashionable restaurant for dinner.  As the dinner reaches its culinary climax, the conversation finally touches on their children. As civility and friendship disintegrate, each couple show just how far they are prepared to go to protect those they love.  The book is sure to satiate, even if the characters leave a very bitter aftertaste.

All are welcome, but I especially encourage those who read the books to come with the following:

Question: Any question(s) you want to pose about the reading(s)

Comment: Any comment(s) you want to share about the reading(s)

Quote: Any favorite quotation(s) you want to share/discuss from the reading(s)

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