Fresh Start

Board of Regents Policy 3.8,  Adopted July 28, 2003; Amended June 19, 2006.

  1. Colleges shall have a policy, called Fresh Start, which will allow students who have not attended college for a period of two or more years and who have a poor academic record to refresh their Grade Point Average (GPA) and develop a more favorable academic record. Students accepted for enrollment under Fresh Start will meet with a designated college official to determine their academic status for re-entry into the college.
  2. All grades previously earned will remain on the student’s transcript. The semesters for which Fresh Start is invoked will include a transcript symbol indicating that the policy is in effect. The original GPA will not be included in any subsequent computation of the new GPA. If the Fresh Start option is approved, the student will receive credit for courses with a grade of C-minus or above, including “P” (Pass).
  1. The Fresh Start option can be used only once.
  2. The Fresh Start option does not apply to any completed degree or certificate.
  3. A student must complete a minimum of 15 credits after returning to college under the Fresh Start option to be eligible for a degree or certificate, and for graduation honors.
  4. Each college is responsible for developing its own procedures for managing Fresh Start, including where and how the student applies, what forms are used, who approves the application, and how the student’s progress is monitored.

For more information about Fresh Start, and to obtain a Fresh Start Request Form, please call or visit the Enrollment Services Office (860-343-5719/ 866-526-6008 (toll-free);; Founders Hall room 153).