Fine Arts graphic design

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Associate in Arts Degree

Students may follow one of two tracks to earn a Fine Arts degree:

The Fine Arts Track provides a transfer program in the fine arts for students who wish to continue in this field after graduation. In addition to the primary transfer function, this program also provides cultural enrichment for students wishing only the associate’s degree.

The Graphic Design Track provides students with the basic skills required for entry level employment as graphic designers and illustrators in design studios, publishing companies, printeries, and service bureaus. This track emphasizes the development of aesthetic sensibilities using traditional mediums as well as new technologies.Students should take required courses first, then choose electives to meet their specific career goals.

Students who plan to transfer to a four-year college are advised to check with the intended college concerning the number of transferable credits. Completion of the requirements of an additional program “track” does not constitute a different degree.

You love art and people have always said you’re good at it. You have a keen eye for design and enjoy working on creative projects. You like to work hard on the details that make things look good – from your art to your surroundings. You work hard – and it pays off.

Now you can start on a career that brings your curiosity and passion for art together in a growing career field with many opportunities for the future.

Start right away at Middlesex Community College with an Associate Degree in Fine Arts. You can concentrate on Fine Arts and Graphics Design tracks as you move forward toward a fulfilling career. The educational experience at MxCC offers a competitive edge for your future employment in a variety of fields, including marketing, advertising, publishing, printing, art directing, artistic design, multimedia design, illustration, animation, photography and Web design.