General Studies Degree

young man studying outsideGeneral Studies is intended for students who wish to design a personalized degree program for exploration or to meet educational and career goals. It’s also for students who may have credits from several colleges who wish to “collect” their credits into an Associate Degree credential. This program is not designed primarily for transfer purposes. It does not provide adequate guidance for meeting the admissions and transfer requirements of baccalaureate institutions without careful assistance from advisors at both Middlesex and the college or university where a student plans to attend.

MxCC is committed to a sound liberal arts education and the development of a solid foundation of professional skills, which are incorporated through specific requirements in the program. The program also offers a great deal of flexibility as a basis for further study or career paths. However, transferring students who wish to pursue liberal arts degrees are encouraged to consider the Liberal Arts and Sciences program, which is specifically designed for this purpose. Other transferring students should ask their advisor to recommend the best program to meet their specific needs.

Associate in Science Degree

Full A.S. degrees in General Studies now available in Middletown, Meriden, and online!! 
You’re adventurous and curious. You like to learn a little about everything, explore all options and grow through your experiences. If you could only design your own degree – tailored to your own interests. Now you can.

Get a start on your dream career today in the General Studies degree program at Middlesex Community College. This degree gives you an advantage over others just starting out in the workforce, plus it’s a great foundation to help guide your future decisions on education and employment.


This personalized two-year curriculum serves as a way to help the student form clear academic plans. Courses place emphasis on exploration, thoughtful reflection, and the formation of goals that may lead to further education. An academic advisor will help you design this 60-credit degree that has a basis for a variety of programs of further study or career paths. The General Studies degree program has a minimum number of core classes, with great freedom to experiment with many electives.

The General Studies degree program is intended for students who would like the opportunity and flexibility to explore their interests and direction for future education and employment. Students planning to transfer to a bachelor’s degree-granting program should consider the Associate Degree in Liberal Arts and Science program at MxCC, which is carefully designed to satisfy transfer requirements while offering students flexibility and variety in course work.

General Studies Online

Are you looking for completing an Associate Degree in General Studies fully online?  Come to Middlesex Community College!  Middlesex Community College offers a wide variety of fully online courses.  Learning online gives you a flexibility to  earn a degree while working or taking care of your family.  By taking all online courses, you are able to earn an Associate Degree in General Studies with Liberal Arts  focus.  Click here for up-to-date online offerings.  Click here for further information about online learning.


For more information, contact the Office of Enrollment at 860-343-5719/ 866-526-6008 (toll-free).

Note About Financial Aid 
Federal regulations stipulate that a student may only receive financial aid for courses that count towards their degree/certificate. To comply with this regulation, MxCC must track the courses that a student is registered for that count towards their degree/certificate program.  Courses identified as not meeting program requirements will not be included in the calculation of financial aid eligibility. Pre requisites will be covered. This procedure is now in effect. Eligibility ceases once a student attempts 90 credits for a typical 60 credit program.

Becoming Connecticut State Community College 
STUDENTS: The Community Colleges are undergoing a merger with a plan to become Connecticut State Community College in fall 2023; please work closely with your advisor/program coordinator to select your courses accordingly. Click here for more details about this merger.