Manufacturing Engineering Technology Degree


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Manufacturing Engineering Technology Degree

First Semester (Fall)
16 Credits
ENG*101 (or ENG*101E): CompositionGen Ed: Written Communication3
Gen Ed: Historical KnowledgeGen Ed: Historical Knowledge3
EGR*112 Engineering Drawings SpecificationsProgram Requirement3
MFG*150 Introduction to Machine TechnologyProgram Requirement4
GEO*, POL*, HIS* ElectiveProgram Requirement3
Second Semester
17 Credits
CAD*110: Introduction to CAD OR
CAD*220: Parametric Design
Program Requirement3
CHE*121: General Chemistry IGen Ed: Scientific Reasoning4
MFG*202: Precision Machining OR
MFG*165: Intermediate Machine Technology
Program Requirement3
MFG*203: Precision Machining Lab
Not required if student is co-enrolled in, or has
completed, MFG*165
Program Requirement1
COM*173: Public SpeakingGen Ed: Oral Communication3
Gen Ed: ECN* ElectiveGen Ed: ECN* Elective3
Third Semester (Fall)
17 Credits
ENG*202: Technical WritingGen Ed: Oral Communication3
MAT*254: Calculus IGen Ed: Quantitative Reasoning4
PHY*121: General Physics OR
PHY*221: Calculus Based Physics
Gen Ed: Scientific Reasoning4
MFG*168: CNC IProgram Requirement3
MFG*239: Geometric Dimensioning & TolerancingProgram Requirement3
Fourth Semester (Spring)
16 Credits
Gen Ed: Aesthetic DimensionGen Ed: Aesthetic Dimension3
EGR*211: Applied Mechanics (Statics)Program Requirement3
MAT*256: Calculus IIProgram Requirement4
MFG*256: Manufacturing Machinery CNC IIProgram Requirement3
Gen Ed: Social PhenomenaGen Ed: Social Phenomena3
Total Program Credits:


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