Substance Abuse Education Certificate

Effective Fall 2018, this certificate is no longer being offered at Middlesex Community College. However, continuing students already enrolled in this program may continue to pursue this certificate using the information below to ensure all requirements are met. It is highly recommended that current Advertising and Sales Promotion certificate students meet with their advisor to discuss all options.

The Substance Abuse Education Certificate program at Middlesex Community College is one of three certificates students may earn in our dynamic Human Services program. Start on your way toward a very fulfilling career with a certificate today! You can earn all three certificate areas, get a degree – and get a strong competitive edge from Middlesex Community College today.

Credit Certificate Program

This certificate is designed to provide students with introductory theoretical knowledge and training in the area of substance abuse and addiction. Students who complete this certificate will be able to apply credits toward the AS Human Services Degree or to transfer credits to baccalaureate programs. Students with this certificate, coupled with their Associate Degree in Human Services, will have special training and education in the etiology of the disease process of addiction; environmental and familial risk factors in substance abuse; public health issues; prevention and treatment modalities; and continuum of care. In addition, the student will have an opportunity to apply their knowledge in a field work placement consisting of approximately 150 hours within a semester.