Business: General (BBG*)

BBG*101, Introduction to Business (3 credits)
Gen Ed Competency: Critical Analysis & Logical Thinking

This introductory course examines business and how it operates in our private enterprise system, a multicultural society and a global marketplace. The focus will be on a practical understanding and application of business, emphasizing the relationship of business to an individual’s everyday life, and the organization’s social responsibility and response to change in a technological society. Areas of basic study include: marketing, management, finance, information systems and career opportunities.  Prerequisite: Eligible for  either ENG*101E or ENG*101. (Updated Fall 2017)

BBG*115, Business Software Applications (3 credits)
Gen Ed Competencies: Continuing Learning/Information Literacy, Oral Communication in English

This course is an examination of problem solving techniques using computer applications software.  With the MS Office Suite, students will learn to use each software package to contribute value to business. Focus is on preparing professional documents with Word, building flexible spreadsheets on Excel, using Access to analyze data to produce valid results and PowerPoint to effectively present and communicate. Social networking sites and their impact upon business will be explored. Individual and group projects will require students to utilize the MS Suite to prepare business documents, produce in-house publications and create and business presentations using themes, tables and graphs. A primary focus is the in-depth use of spreadsheets and databases to solve business problems. Interpretation and effective communication of results, both written and oral are practiced.  Prerequisite: Eligible for either ENG*101E or ENG*101.

Historically, BBG*115 and CSC*101 were treated as the same course.  Students cannot get academic credit for both courses if both were taken prior to the Fall 2016 semester.  Course content was reorganized such that both courses are unique, as of the Fall 2016 semester.

FOR STUDENTS TAKING THIS COURSE BEGINNING WITH THE FALL 2016 SEMESTER: Effective with the Fall 2016 semester, CSC*101 and BBG*115 are treated as separate, unique courses such that students can earn six credits for taking both courses.  This policy will NOT be applicable retroactively for students who took both courses prior to the Fall 2016 semester.

BBG*125, The Future and Business Organizations (3 credits)
Gen Ed Competency:Critical Analysis & Logical Thinking

This course provides an introduction to business organization in our changing economic system and the global market. It includes an extensive look at the external environmental factors and their impact upon business and industry. Environmental scanning, from an organization perspective, is used to forecast,adjust and adapt to future trends. Students will analyze business organizations in the present and develop future-oriented thinking skills. Prerequisite: Eligible for either ENG*101E or 
ENG*101 (Updated Fall 2017)

BBG*135, Exploring Business & Technology Careers (3 credits)
Gen Ed Competency:Critical Analysis & Logical Thinking

This course is designed to expose students to various career pathways in the fields of business and computer technology. Students will learn about the world of business and will be given information about how to be successful in various business occupational areas. The student will have the opportunity to explore the workplace firsthand. Students will learn how to develop a personal career strategy and will develop a complete career portfolio. Prerequisite: Eligible for either ENG*101E or 
ENG*101.  (Updated Fall 2017)

BBG*215, Global Business (3 credits)
Gen Ed Competencies: Critical Analysis & Logical Thinking, Global KnowledgeSocial Phenomena

An introductory course designed to provide students with the foundations for conducting international business and an understanding of the impact of the social, cultural, economic, political, religious, and legal environments in international trade. The course will focus on the importance of globalization, foreign investment, international marketing, international management, and operations of multinational corporations.  Prerequisite: Eligible for 
ENG*101. (Updated April 2018)

BBG*231, Business Law I (3 credits)
Gen Ed Competency: Critical Analysis & Logical Thinking
An introductory study of the legal system of the United States and its relationship to the business manager. Topics include contracts, sales (general background in torts and product liability under Article 2 of the UCC), negotiable instruments and administrative agencies. Prerequisite: Eligible for 
ENG*101(Updated Fall 2017)

BBG*232, Business Law II (3 Credits)
Gen Ed Competency: Critical Analysis & Logical Thinking
This course focuses on the Uniform Commercial Code with special emphasis on the sale of goods, commercial paper, and secured transactions. In addition, bankruptcy law, business formation, employment law and labor law are covered. Prerequisite: Eligible for ENG*101. (Updated Fall 2017)

BBG*234, Legal Environment of Business (3 credits)
Gen Ed Competency: Critical Analysis & Logical Thinking

An in-depth study of business organizations including agency and securities regulation and antitrust regulations with emphasis on real and personal property including an in-depth study of secured transactions under Article 9 of UCC. Prerequisite: Eligible for 
ENG*101. (Updated Fall 2017)

BBG*240, Business Ethics (3 credits)
Gen Ed Competencies: Social Phenomena
A critical examination (both practical and theoretical) of contemporary moral problems in business, such as employee rights and responsibilities, pay equity and comparable worth, whistle-blowing, trade secrets and confidentiality, conflict of interest, discrimination and sexual harassment, pollution, consumer protection, professional ethics, truth-telling in business dealings, social responsibility of business, and fiduciary responsibility to stockholders and stakeholders. It is recommended that students take at least six (6) credits in Business & Economics, prior to taking this course. Prerequisite: C- or better in Composition (ENG*101

BBG*294, Business Internship (3 credits)
Gen Ed Competency:Critical Analysis & Logical Thinking

This course will enable students, individually and as part of a team, to become involved in problem-solving and decision-making activities in the business community. A research project or activity will be cooperatively undertaken by the students and representatives from business and industry. The students will participate in seminars presented by the instructor. To be eligible, students must demonstrate academic ability,personal ability to be self-paced and work with people in various business situations. Prerequisites: completion of 24 college credits and permission of the instructor. (Updated Fall 2017)

BBG*295, Cooperative Work Experience I (3 credits)
Gen Ed Competency:Critical Analysis & Logical Thinking

This course enables a student who has completed 24 credits with a G.P.A. of 2.5or higher to earn college credit for work experience in a career which correlates with his/her business program of study. Student must work a minimum of 15 hrs. per week in a college-approved position as well as attend seminars. Prerequisite: completion of 24 completed college credits, GPA 2.5 and permission of the program coordinator. (Updated July 2019