Course Numbering System

Credit Course Numbering System in Connecticut’s Community Colleges

000-099 — “Intensive” remedial courses which some students may be required to take as preparation for college-level work.   Since they are not college-level courses, they do not count toward graduation in any degree or certificate program at MxCC.

100-199 — “Introductory” courses, general education courses, and courses taken in a college major within the first year (the first 30 credits) of college study.

200-299 — “Upper level” general education courses, and courses taken in a college major within the second year (the next 30 credits) of college study.  Typically, these courses first require students to compete prior courses in the same subject (prerequisites).

Most courses at MxCC expect students to be ready for college level work in reading, writing, and math.  This can be demonstrated through scores on a placement test or standardized test (SAT, ACT), or successfully completing a remedial course.  MxCC also has many courses which have no required prerequisites.

Courses usually count for three (3) credits per semester.  One credit hour is equal to one hour of classroom work, plus two hours of study, preparation, and homework outside of class time.  Thus, a 3-credit course requires 9 hours of time on the students’ part.  Exceptions include laboratory or studio courses and some mathematics, accounting and language courses. The credits and classroom hours (if different) for all courses are listed next to the course titles in the course descriptions.

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