Human Services (DFS*, HSE*)

(Also see course listings under Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Recreation)

HSE*101, Introduction to Human Services (3 credits)
Gen Ed Competency: Social Phenomena
An introduction to the scope and nature of the human services profession. Focus is on integrated service delivery and the student’s responsibility to the community.  (Updated November 2014)
(Fulfills a “D” course requirement for students who enrolled in a degree program prior to the Fall 2016 semester.)

HSE*116, Youth Advocacy and Community Organization (3 credits)
This course is intended to provide students with practical skills related to working with at risk children and youth either within residential or community settings. The course is an introduction to the identification, prevention, and solution of individual, family, and community problems, while managing and setting policies for youth servicing agencies. This course includes a 20-hr. community service requirement.  (Updated November 2014)
(Fulfills a “D” course requirement for students who enrolled in a degree program prior to the Fall 2016 semester.)

HSE*202, Introduction to Counseling/ Interviewing (3 credits)
Gen Ed Competency: Oral Communication in English
A systematic study of the basic theories, methods, and techniques utilized in interviewing and counseling. Each student will learn through theory and application. The integration of new techniques into the individual’s unique style is anticipated. Prerequisite: 
PSY*111. (Updated November 2014)

HSE*224, Social Problems of Youth (3 credits)
Gen Ed Competencies: Historical Knowledge, Oral Communication in English
This course is intended to explore targeted concerns and perspectives regarding problems among youth. Topics to be covered are substance abuse among youth, addiction and prevention, the influence of media on youth, conflict resolution, alternative to incarceration, youth sexuality, and multi-cultural issues. Prerequisites: Either ENG*101E or
ENG*101 (Updated July 2019)

HSE*243, Human Services Skills and Methods (3 credits)
An examination of human services as a holistic response to human needs through various strategies, skills, approaches and techniques. Helping strategies involving casework, natural helping networks, assessment, and evaluation will be explored. Skills will be developed in the areas of observation, listening, intake referral, and report writing.

HSE*281, Field Placement I (3 credits)
This course will provide theoretical knowledge and field work placement for students working with either children, adolescents, or adults of any age. This practicum serves as either an introductory field placement experience or to fulfill the practicum requirement for students enrolled in the Therapeutic Recreation Certificate program. Prerequisite: HSE*101.  Students enrolled in the Therapeutic Recreation Certificate program do not need HSE*101 in order to enroll in this practicum.  (Updated November 2014)

HSE*282, Field Placement II (3 credits)
This course provides theoretical knowledge and field placement experience for students working with challenged populations or engaging in some type of community organization experience. Students in this practicum may work with children, youth, or adults who experience developmental, behavioral, or psychiatric disabilities. It is expected that students in this practicum have had former practicum or work experience which has contributed to skill development. This practicum also fulfills the practicum requirement for the Juvenile Justice and Substance Abuse Education certificate programs. Prerequisite: HSE*101. (Updated July 2019)