Economics (ECN*)

ECN*100, Introduction to Economics (3 credits)
Practical microeconomics and macroeconomics in one semester. Excellent foundation for all business and related careers. Essential tools for individual and business decision making. Fundamentals of how buyers and sellers interact,and prices. Basic economic interrelationships among families, businesses, and government. Understanding inflation, unemployment, taxes, and government policies to improve our economy. Relate current news to our discussions. Not open to students who have completed ECN*101 or ECN*102. (Updated November 2014)

ECN*101, Principles of Macroeconomics (3 credits)
Gen Ed Competencies: Critical Analysis & Logical Thinking, Social Phenomena

An elementary study of the macroeconomic system. A study of the interrelationships among the household, business and government sectors. An elementary study of output, income, employment, consumption, inflation,fluctuations in the economy, and fiscal and monetary policy. This course should be taken after ECN*102. Prerequisites: Eligible for either ENG*101E or ENG*101 and eligible for  either MAT*137E or MAT*137. (Updated November 2014)

ECN*102, Principles of Microeconomics (3 credits)
Gen Ed Competencies: Critical Analysis & Logical Thinking, Global Knowledge, Social Phenomena

An elementary study of the principles of economics related to relative scarcity and resource allocation. The course provides a basic study of a market economy and various kinds of market structures. Some time is devoted to cost and to labor economics. Should be taken before ECN*101. Prerequisites: Eligible for either ENG*101E or ENG*101 and eligible for either MAT*137E or MAT*137. (Updated April 2018)

ECN*220, International Economics (3 credits)
Gen Ed Competencies: Critical Analysis & Logical Thinking, Global KnowledgeSocial Phenomena

A study of the principles and applications of international trade and finance,comparative advantage, exchange rates, monetary standards, and international economic institutions. Investigation of national policies and balance of payments issues vis-a-vis open-market economics and globalization. The positions in the global economy of China, the United States, and other countries, and regional economic arrangements are examined. Prerequisite: ECN*101 and ECN*102; one of these two courses may be taken concurrently. Recommended: 
MAT*137 and ENG*101(Updated April 2018)