Environmental Engineering Tech (ENV*)

ENV*109, OSHA 40 Hr. Training and Emergency Response Procedure  (3 credits) 
This course provides the training required by 29 CFR 1910.120, and NFPA standards for hazardous waste site workers, and those involved in the emergency response to incidents involving hazardous materials. A minimum of 48 hrs. of classroom and or hands-on training is required.  (Updated October 2014)

ENV*162, Environmental Sampling  (3 credits) 
An introduction to the techniques of environmental sampling and data collection for contamination and water supply investigations. Topics include soil and groundwater sampling, surface water measurements, aquifer tests, and other basic field techniques. Also included is an introduction to the concept of Brownfields, innovative remediation technologies, and the chemical nature of hazardous substances. This introductory course is intended for students with no prior exposure to field investigation techniques and as a precursor to advanced training and ENV*212. (Updated October 2014)

ENV*212, Site Assessment (3 credits) 
An introduction to the environmental site assessment process. Topics include Phase I Environmental Site Assessments under the CT Property Transfer Act, further study of innovative remediation technologies, and an overview of Phase II and III Environmental Site Assessments. Also included is an overview of the CT Remediation Standard Regulations and chemical-specific remediation criteria. This introductory course is intended for students with no prior exposure to Environmental Site Assessments and CT Environmental Regulations. Prerequisite: ENV*162. (Updated October 2014)

ENV*292, Environmental Internship (3 credits) 
A minimum of 160 hrs. spent working at an organization concerned with environmental monitoring or control. Placement can include but is not limited to local health departments, DEP, local sanitarians, environmental testing laboratories, and water supply and purification companies. Prerequisite: Permission of program coordinator.(Updated November 2014)