Environmental Science (EVS*)

EVS*100, Introduction to Environmental Science (3 credits)
Gen Ed Competency: Critical Analysis & Logical Thinking, Scientific Knowledge & Understanding

An overview of biological and physical processes in the natural environment, and the impact of human activities.  The course will explore current environmental issues both locally and globally, and critically evaluate potential solutions.  Topics include threats to species and ecosystems, overpopulation, land use, air and water pollution, climate change, energy resources, resource depletion, and waste management.  Prerequisite: Eligible for  either ENG*101E or ENG*101. (Updated Fall 2017)

EVS*111, Environmental Science Laboratory (1 Credit/3 contact hrs.)
Gen Ed Competencies: Critical Analysis & Logical Thinking, Scientific Knowledge & Understanding

An introductory laboratory course that provides a survey of concepts and techniques in environmental science.  Students will investigate habitats, ecosystems, soils, air quality, climate change, fossil fuels, and renewable energy.  Student will develop observational, sampling, and analytical skills in the laboratory and in the field.  The course will include fieldwork both on and off campus, and students may be required to meet at off-campus locations.  3 hrs. of lab per week.  Prerequisites: EVS*100 or taken concurrently, and eligible for MAT*137 (Updated October 2014)

EVS*135, Exploring Environmental Science (1 Credit)
An introduction to environmental science career pathways.  A series of guest speakers from the environmental field, including industry, government, and education, will describe their work and the skills and tools needed to be successful.  The course will focus on environmental work in Connecticut with connections to broader trends.  The course is open to anyone interested in environmental issues, sustainability, and career opportunities. One hr. of lecture per week.  (Updated October 2014)