Political Science (POL*)

POL*102, Introduction to Comparative Politics (3 credits) 
Gen Ed Competency: Social Phenomena

This course focuses on the governments and peoples of the major regions of the world: Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas. It examines global variations in governing structures due to historic, cultural, religious, economic, and other causes. Issues of Third World democratization, economic globalization, Islam and democracy’s “clash of civilizations,” authoritarian states, and other timely issues will be subjects of class discussions and course papers. 
(Updated November 2014)  (Fulfills a “D” course requirement or an “L” course requirement for students who enrolled in a degree program prior to the Fall 2016 semester.)

POL*103, Introduction to International Relations  (3 credits)
Gen Ed Competencies: Global Knowledge, Social Phenomena

This course examines international politics and has a focus on the United States in its superpower role. Relationships between nations which range from constructive engagement and peacemaking to war making will be examined. The Vietnam, Middle East, Balkan, Northern Ireland, and other conflicts will serve as case studies for understanding the forces shaping international politics. Present day topics concerning the United Nations, international terrorism, global capitalism, and others will be studied.  (Updated April 2018) 
(Fulfills a “D” course requirement for students who enrolled in a degree program prior to the Fall 2016 semester.)

POL*111, American Government (3 credits) 
Gen Ed Competency: Social Phenomena

This course examines the patterns of politics in the nation, Constitution, Congress, and Presidency. Topics of study include political ideologies, interest group pluralism, citizen alienation, institutional power, democracy’s requirements, and others. Learning objectives include becoming politically informed, engaging in political discussions, and analyzing the government’s responsiveness to citizens’ needs.  (Updated November 2014)  
(Fulfills a “D” course requirement for students who enrolled in a degree program prior to the Fall 2016 semester.)

POL*112, State and Local Government   (3 credits)
Gen Ed Competency: Social Phenomena
The forms, functions, processes and problems of state and local government in the United States.  Emphasis is on Connecticut, including the governorship and the General Assembly, state agencies, and localities with mayors, councils, and/or town meetings. (Updated November 2014)

POL*120, Introduction to Law   (3 credits)
The course serves as an introduction to the study of law with an overview of fundamental concepts and principles of the U.S. legal system. A variety of legal topics, terminology, and areas of law are discussed in order to assist students in acquiring an appreciation of the dynamic role of law in our changing society. Students are introduced to the roles of legal professionals, including paralegals. Legal reasoning, legal ethics, and legal research methods are also presented.  (New course, December 2014)

POL*293, Connecticut Legislative Internship (6 Credits)
Gen Ed Competency: Social Phenomena

This course is an active learning experience for the student as an intern in the state legislature. A student must apply directly to this college’s faculty representative for selection. Learning involves becoming informed of the General Assembly’s lawmaking processes, and developing skills to serve both the state legislator and his/ her constituents. The intern will have the opportunity for in-service orientation at the legislature prior to its January start. (Updated November 2014)

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