Therapeutic Recreation (RLS*)

RLS*121, Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation Services  (3 credits) 
Methods and activities that can aid in establishing better rapport with persons. Emphasis on therapeutic value of such experiences.  (Updated November 2014)

RLS*122, Processes and Techniques in Therapeutic Recreation (3 credits)
This course provides an exploration of methods and materials utilized to lead people in creative/arts activities, physical/body movement activities, mental/stimulation activities, and social/interaction activities. The analysis of activities and the specific techniques for adapting activities in therapeutic recreation will be examined. (New course, November 2014)

RLS*221, Therapeutic Recreation (3 credits) 
Emphasis is on meeting the varied needs and ability levels of clients through an in depth study of sensory integration, one to one programs for room bound, games, special events and parties, discussion groups, and creative expressions. Prerequisites: Either RLS*121, 
PSY*111.  (Updated July 2019)