Aesthetic Dimensions

Aesthetic Dimensions courses are designed so that students will understand the diverse nature, meanings, and functions of creative endeavors through the study and practice of literature, music, the theatrical and visual arts, and related forms of expression.

Learning Outcomes

Students will demonstrate mastery of the Aesthetic Dimensions general education core competency by being able to:

  • Apply key concepts, terminology, and methodologies in the analysis of literary, performing, visual, and other arts forms.
  • Identify works of visual, performing, or literary art within historical, social, political, cultural, and aesthetic contexts.
  • Articulate ways in which literature, performance, the visual arts and related forms respond to and influence society and culture.
  • Actively engage with the literary, performing or visual arts and other cultural forms through experience or creative expression.
  • Articulate the ethical dimensions surrounding the creation, circulation, and interpretation of works of visual, performing, or literary art.

2021-22 Course List

The following Middlesex Community College courses are designated as fulfilling the Aesthetic Dimensions general education core competency. (For full course descriptions, hover over the underlined Numbers below)

ART*100 Art Appreciation
ART*101 Art History I
ART*102 Art History II
ART*109 Color Theory
ART*111 Drawing I
ART*112 Drawing II
ART*116 Perspective Drawing
ART*121 Two-Dimensional Design
ART*122 Three-Dimensional Design
ART*131 Sculpture I
ART*147 / COM*147 Digital Cinematography
ART*155 Watercolor I
ART*163 Ceramic Handbuilding
ART*165 Metal and Jewelry Design I
ART*166 Metal and Jewelry Design II
ART*215 Illustration
ART*250 Digital Photography
ART*253 Oil Painting I
ART*254 Oil Painting II
ART*280 Advanced Digital Photography
COM*129 Digital Video Production
COM*147 / ART*147 Digital Cinematography
COM*154 Film Study & Appreciation
COM*203 Media Literacy
COM*220 Television Studio Production
COM*264 Advanced Editing Workshop
DGA*101 Introduction to Digital Arts
DGA*110 Computer Graphics
DGA*120 Digital Imaging I
DGA*223 Digital Illustration
DGA*231 Digital Page Design I
DGA*241 Internet Web Design I
DGA*242 Internet Web Design II
DGA*250 Interactive Multimedia Production
DGA*257 Motion Graphics and Effects
DGA*260 Animation
ENG*281 Creative Writing
ENG*282 Creative Writing – Poetry
ENG*283 Creative Writing – Fiction
ENG*285 Memoir Writing
GRA*150 Introduction to Graphic Design
GRA*251 Advanced Graphic Design
GRA*296 Graphic Design Internship
MUS*101 Music History and Appreciation
MUS*104 World Music
MUS*111 Fundamentals of Music I
MUS*117 Electronic Music
MUS*137 History and Appreciation of Jazz
MUS*138 Rock and Roll History & Appreciation
MUS*152 Drumming and Percussion Ensemble
THR*101 Introduction to Theatre
THR*102 Theatre History
THR*110 Acting I
THR*113 Performance for Film and Television
THR*210 Acting II