Ethical Dimensions of Humankind

Ethical Dimensions is a competency embedded throughout the curriculum so that students will identify ethical principles that guide individual and collective actions and apply those principles to the analysis of contemporary social and political problems.

Learning Outcomes

Students will demonstrate mastery of the Ethical Dimensions general education core competency by being able to:

  • Recognize and reflect critically on ethical issues.
  • Apply appropriate concepts and terminology in identifying ethical problems and proposing and defending solutions to them.
  • Apply standards and practices of scholarship, research, and documentation in defending positions and beliefs, including reevaluating beliefs in light of unforeseen implications or new evidence.
  • Recognize the value of creative, collaborative, and innovative approaches to problem-solving, including the ability to acknowledge differing points of view.


Basic Assessment Rubric:

Course List

These learning outcomes are embedded throughout the curriculum. Students are engaged in the Ethical Dimensions competency in both their general education and program requirements. None of our academic programs have a requirement such that a student must take an “Ethical Dimensions course.” Thus, there is not a specific list of courses designated to fulfill all of these learning outcomes.