Global Knowledge

Additional General Education Courses for TAP Pathway Students


The Creativity and Global Knowledge general education categories provide a means for Connecticut Community College students to fulfill additional general education requirements beyond the 30 credits already agreed upon in the common package in TAP degree programs.

These categories applies ONLY to students who enroll in and complete a TAP/Transfer Ticket degree at a Connecticut Community College and transfer to a CSU or COSC.  Each CSU and COSC may develop separate policies regarding the acceptance of these credits for transfer students who do not complete a TAP/Transfer Ticket degree or who never enrolled in a TAP/Transfer Ticket degree.

  • Creativity fulfills requirements for CCSU’s Arts & Humanities, ECSU’s Creative Expressions, SCSU’s Creative Drive, and WCSU’s General Education Elective.
  • Global Knowledge fulfills requirements for CCSU’s Social Sciences, ECSUs Individuals and Societies, SCSU’s Global Awareness, WCSU’s General Education Elective, and COSC’s Global Understanding.

The courses vetted by each Community College for Creativity and Global Knowledge will be accepted at the four CSUs and COSC (Global Knowledge) as fulfilling the additional general education requirements specified above.

The vetted courses do not need to have equivalents at the receiving CSU or COSC.

Learning Outcomes

Students will demonstrate mastery of the Global Knowledge general education core competency by being able to:

  • Apply theories and methods of social sciences.
  • Make informed evaluations of contemporary social institutions and phenomena outside the United States.
  • Explore non-U.S. perspectives on global social institutions and phenomena.

2021-22 Course List

The following Middlesex Community College courses are designated as fulfilling the Global Knowledge general education core competency. (For full course descriptions, hover over the underlined Numbers below)

ANT*101 Introduction to Anthropology
ANT*205 Cultural Anthropology
BBG*215 Global Business
BIO*109 Principles of Biotechnology
BIO*222 Molecular Biotechniques
BMG*202 Principles of Management
BMK*201 Principles of Marketing
COM*154 Film Study & Appreciation
ECN*102 Principles of Microeconomics
ECN*220 International Economics
GEO*101 Introduction to  Geography
HLT*160/SOC*160 Introduction to Public Health
MUS*104 World Music
PHL*151 World Religions
POL*103 Introduction to International Relations