Employment Opportunities

Start here for information on direct referrals, job listings, career fairs and more!

The Career Development and Counseling Center at Middlesex Community College provides direct referrals to select job opportunities and informational resources to assist students and alumni in their job searches.

Direct Referral
The Center can assist you in many ways as you contact employers, including job listings, on-campus recruitment, and local/regional professional directories.

Position/Job Listings
Each year employers from business, nonprofit and educational sectors forward job listings to the Center. Many of these listings are professionally oriented, while others may provide students with a part/full-time income while attending school.

Though most jobs are listed on CNN (see link below), some jobs are posted on the bulletin board outside of our office in Founders Hall, Room 121.

Informational Interviews
Informational interviews are a widely-accepted method of obtaining information about careers, job search methods and potential employers.

On-Campus Recruitment
Upon request, the Career Development & Counseling Center arranges individual visits for employers who are interested in coming on campus to meet with students. Please see our weekly emails for up to date listings of employers who have planned visits to campus.

Professional Directories
Within the Career Development and Counseling Center library there are a number of resources that may assist you in identifying employers within your field. These books contain overview information on employers you may choose to contact.

MxCC’s Online Job Listing Service & Resume Bank

Job Seekers can register via this service to browse current job listings and employers can register to submit job announcements.