Dementia Care


What is Dementia?

Dementia refers to a group of symptoms that together affect the memory, normal thinking, communication, and reasoning ability of a person. These symptoms make it difficult to perform even daily simple tasks such as bathing and eating. Alzheimer’s disease is the main cause of the majority of cases of dementia. Dementia can’t be cured but there are medications to manage the symptoms.

Course Description

This 5 hour course will focus on methods practiced across the senior care industry. Training provided by Taylor Lajeunesse, CDP, CMDCP will cover a wide variety of techniques taught by professionals like Teepa Snow, Dr. Cameron Camp, and LiveWell (formerly known as the Alzheimer’s Resource Center). Education provided in this course will cover how to recognize when someone has a cognitive impairment, how to approach individuals living with cognitive impairment, and strategies to encourage and promote continued independence in the community.

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