Online Certificate Programs

MxCC’s Continuing Education Department has partnered with Ed2Go to offer many online career training programs to our students. Descriptions of available programs are below. Visit Ed2Go to learn more and sign up for these programs.

Business and Professional

Administrative Professional with Microsoft Office 2007 Master – 340 Hours
Start your career as an administrative professional with this online training program. You’ll learn administrative skills, travel and event planning techniques, effective communication skills, and more. You’ll also learn to master Microsoft Office 2007.

Administrative Professional with Microsoft Office 2010 Master – 380 Hours
Get the training to become an administrative professional, and prepare to become a certified Microsoft Office 2010 Master at the same time.

Administrative Professional with Microsoft Office Specialist 2007 Training -480 Hours
Become a successful administrative professional by learning general office management, effective business communication, customer service skills, and more. This program also includes training on Microsoft Office 2007.

Administrative Professional with Microsoft Office Specialist 2010 – 460 Hours
Get the training to become an administrative professional, and prepare to become a certified Microsoft Office Specialist 2010 (MOS) at the same time.

Certified Bookkeeper – 140 Hours
The Certified Bookkeeper Online Training Program helps professional bookkeepers earn prestigious American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB) certification.

Certified Global Business Professional – 160 Hours
The Certified Global Business Professional Online Training Program prepares you for the credential exam by educating you in four areas: global management, global marketing, supply chain management, and trade finance.

Chartered Tax Professional – 180 Hours
Learn to prepare individual tax returns for almost all U.S. taxpayers! With this innovative program, you can start working and earning money while completing your program.

Chartered Tax Professional for California Residents – 200 Hours
With this innovative online California Chartered Tax Professional Certificate Program, you can become qualified as a California Tax Preparer through the California Tax Education Council (CTEC), and start working and earning money while completing your program.

Grant Writing – 300 Hours
Learn to write grant proposals that get funded in this nationally recognized Grant Writing online training program.

Human Resources Professional – 120 Hours
Master the skills you need to gain an entry-level position in human resources and prepare to take the PHR (Professional in Human Resources) certification exam.

Legal Secretary – 350 Hours
Master the skills you need to be a legal secretary and prepare for the National Association of Legal Professionals (NALS) Accredited Legal Secretary (ALS) exam.

Paralegal – 300 Hours
The Paralegal Online Training Program will prepare you for success in this growing career field. You’ll learn about the American legal system, how to conduct legal research and legal interviews, how to perform legal analyses, and more. Your training will prepare you to become a legal secretary or paralegal and to take the certification exam.

Pay Per Click Marketing – 150 Hours
Pay-per-click marketing refers to a specific type of advertising where you pay a search engine every time a potential customer clicks on your ad. The program covers search-engine marketing, Internet advertising, using Google’s AdWords program, keyword marketing, building ads, conducting research, and more.

Payroll Practice and Management – 100 Hours
Become knowledgeable in all facets of payroll rules and regulations, and join one of the fastest-growing career fields today.

Professional Bookkeeping with QuickBooks 2012 – 140 Hours
This program teaches students how to master professional bookkeeping using QuickBooks 2012 software.

Professional Bookkeeping with QuickBooks 2015, Software Included 140 Hours
This program teaches students how to master professional bookkeeping using QuickBooks 2012 software.

Professional Interpreter – 40 Hours
Master the skills and knowledge you need to begin a career as a professional interpreter.

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management – 300 Hours
Develop essential managerial skills, and learn how to effectively manage all aspects of the purchasing process, including procurement, distribution, supply chain management, and more, with the skills you’ll learn in this online program.

Records Management Certificate – 180 Hours
This comprehensive program will help you establish a successful records management program, including electronic, magnetic, and paper media.

Search Engine Marketing – 250 Hours
Learn the essential components for understanding this unique and growing career field, including search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing, and Web site copywriting.

Search Engine Optimization – 150 Hours
The Search Engine Optimization Online Training Program will teach you how to increase a Web site’s traffic by improving its rankings with search engines.

Technical Writing – 80 Hours
This program is designed for anyone who wishes to develop their technical writing abilities to a professional level. You’ll learn research methods, audience considerations, style, drafting and revision techniques, how to work in a collaborative environment, and more.


Career Online High School

High School Diploma With Certified Protection Officer Training – 750 Hours
Earn your high school diploma and CPO certification as you prepare for a career as a security guard or protection officer.

High School Diploma with Certified Transportation Services Training – 750 Hours
Earn your high school diploma as you prepare for a career in the high-demand field of transportation services.

High School Diploma with Child Care Training – 750 Hours
Earn your high school diploma as you prepare for Child Development Associate (CDA) certification and a career in early childhood education.

High School Diploma with General Career Preparation – 750 Hours
Earn your high school diploma and prepare to enter the job market as you master skills valued by today’s employers.

High School Diploma with Homeland Security Training – 750 Hours
Earn your high school diploma as you prepare for a career in the high-demand field of criminal justice and homeland security.

High School Diploma With Office Management Training – 750 Hours
Earn your high school diploma online as you prepare for a career as an office manager, receptionist, data input specialist, or customer service representative.


Healthcare and Fitness

Administrative Dental Assistant – 150 Hours
Learn how to perform the administrative tasks essential for managing the business aspects of a dental practice.

Certified National Pharmaceutical Representative – 90 Hours
Learn the skills necessary to become a certified pharmaceutical sales representative. The program covers pharmacology, medical terminology, physiology, and regulations for selling pharmaceuticals.

Clinical Dental Assistant – 240 Hours
The Clinical Dental Assistant Online Training Program with provide you will the skills you need to become a dental assistant. After you’ve completed this program, you’ll be ready to pursue certification as a dental assistant by passing the radiology and infection control portions of the Dental Assisting National Board examination.

Fitness Business Management – 200 Hours
Learn how to manage a personal training program, department, or facility as a strategic business with this innovative program.

Nutrition for Optimal Health, Wellness, and Sports – 200 Hours
Learn to develop individual nutrition programs for clients, patients, or personal use.

Physical Therapy Aide – 150 Hours
Master the skills you need to begin a career as a physical therapy aide.

Hospitality and Service Industry

Certified Wedding Planner – 340 Hours
This comprehensive program covers everything an aspiring wedding planner needs to know to get started in the business. Whether you plan on working part-time or full-time, this program will provide all the knowledge you need to work as a professional wedding planner or start your wedding planning business.

Certified Residential Interior Designer – 120 Hours
Prepare for a career as a residential interior designer by learning the basics of good design, getting familiar with design styles and movements, exploring the materials that interior designers use, and putting your knowledge to work as you create your own design concept for a family room.

Event Management and Design – 300 Hours
From planning to pyrotechnics, the event Management and Design Online Training Program will teach you everything you need to know to create events that are truly special.

Travel Agent Training – 250 Hours
Learn the basic skills needed to operate a computer reservation system for airlines, travel agencies, cruise lines, hotels, or as a home-based agent, and get started in a career in the travel industry!


IT and Software Development

3ds max – 300 Hours
Learn to use 3ds Max to design, develop, and create 3D animation.

AutoCAD 3D 2015 – 80 Hours
Become proficient in 3D methods and concepts, explore AutoCAD’s advanced 3D modeling workspace, and prepare for a portion of the Autodesk AutoCAD 2011 Certified Associate exam.

Cisco® CCNA® Certification Training – 150 Hours
The Cisco CCNA Online Training Program will give you the essential knowledge to install, configure, and operate simple routed LANs and WANs while preparing you for Cisco Exam 640-802.

CompTIA™ A+ Certification Training – 230 Hours
CompTIA A+ certification is the industry standard for validating the skills of entry-level computer technicians. It opens the door to an exciting career in computer technology, and ed2go’s online program makes training convenient and interactive.

CompTIA™ Network+ Certification Training – 110 Hours
Prepare for a career as a network technician and qualify to take the CompTIA Network+ certification exam as you master basic networking concepts and gain a fundamental knowledge of network design, security, routing, and switching.

CompTIA™ Security+ Certification Training – 80 Hours
Take your first step toward a career as a security professional and prepare yourself for the CompTIA™ Security+ certification exam as you master the basics of system security, network infrastructure, access control, and organizational security.

Forensic Computer Examiner – 80 Hours
The Forensic Computer Examiner Online Training Program will train you to thoroughly examine digital media and to clearly document, control, prepare, and present examination results. This program will prepare you for the Certified Computer Examiner test.

Help Desk Analyst: Tier 1 Support Specialist – 120 Hours
Train for a challenging, rewarding career in technical support. This program will teach you to focus on the business needs of the customer, establish credibility, and provide excellent customer service and support!

Management for IT Professionals – 390 Hours
Learn leadership skills that will help you succeed as a manager in the IT field.

Microsoft Access 2007 – 120 Hours
Master Microsoft Access 2007 software with this convenient online training program.

Microsoft Access 2010 Certification Training – 120 Hours
The Microsoft Access 2010 course will prepare you to take your Microsoft Certification Exam and familiarize you with various tasks within Microsoft Access.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): Server 2008 – 275 Hours
Student will prepare to take and pass the three exams that will earn them the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate: Windows Server 2008 Certification.

Microsoft Excel 2010 Certification Training – 95 Hours
Build and validate your business computer skills using Microsoft Excel 2010 software with this comprehensive, performance-based certification preparation program.

Microsoft Office 2010 Master Certification Training – 300 Hours
Learn basic to advanced skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook 2010 while you prepare for Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification.

Microsoft Office Specialist 2010 (MOS) Certification Training – 380 Hours
Participate in the Microsoft Office Specialist 2010 (MOS) Certification Training program to improve your level of knowledge with Microsoft Office functions in preparation for taking the Microsoft Certification Exam.

Microsoft Outlook 2007 – 40 Hours
Master Microsoft Outlook, including formatting e-mail, scheduling appointments, creating contacts and more. You’ll prepare for certification as you learn the ins and outs of Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook 2010 Certification Training – 45 Hours
Master the basic to advanced Microsoft Outlook 2010 skills you need to prepare for Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Certification Training – 65 Hours
Learn basic to advanced skills in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 while you prepare for Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification.

Microsoft Project 2010 – 60 Hours
This program combines knowledge of project management scheduling disciplines with the use of the Microsoft project 2010 software.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Certification Training – 82 Hours
This SharePoint 2010 training program prepares you to take the Microsoft Certification Exam 77-886 in order to achieve a certification as a Microsoft Office Specialist.

Microsoft Web Developer – 240 Hours
Learn how to develop on the Microsoft platform using .NET Framework 3.5, and prepare for the Microsoft 70-536 and 70-562 certification exams.

Microsoft Word 2010 Certification Training – 95 Hours
Prepare for certification in Microsoft Word 2010 as you learn how to create, format, and secure professional and creative documents

Mobile and Desktop Web Developer – 460 Hours
Students who successfully complete this career course will have developed a solid background in all of the latest technologies associated with web development for both desktop and mobile environments, and at the very end of the program, students will be able to build traditional and mobile websites.

Mobile Web Developer – 280 Hours
In this course, learn to develop websites for mobile devices, such as Androids and iPhones.

Web Applications Developer – 360 Hours
Master the skills you need to create dynamic database-driven websites using the latest technologies.

Webmaster – 150 Hours
The Webmaster Online Training Program will teach you to design, develop, and maintain Web sites.


Management and Corporate

Entrepreneurship: Start-Up and Business Owner Management – 360 Hours
This program covers everything from financing to leadership. You’ll learn the keys to business planning, communication skills, marketing, and management. If you’ve ever thought about owning your own business, this program can help make that dream come true!

Lean Mastery – 60 Hours
Eliminate waste from your business by learning and implementing the principles of lean business.

Management Training – 360 Hours
If you’re thinking of starting a business or pursuing an MBA, learn the essentials here! The Management Training Online Program is perfect for business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to learn the basics of business and management.

Non-Profit Management – 300 Hours
Examine the fundamental principles of nonprofit management, explore the roles and responsibilities of a nonprofit board of directors and the management team, discover the essential aspects of fundraising, and become acquainted with the fundamentals of the budgeting process.

Six Sigma Black Belt – 200 Hours
The Six Sigma Black Belt Online Career Training Program provides you with an in-depth look at the Six Sigma Black Belt problem-solving methodology, deployment, and project development approaches.

Six Sigma Green Belt – 100 Hours
The Six Sigma Green Belt Online Training Program encompasses all aspects of running a Six Sigma Green Belt business, including management, service delivery, design, production, and customer satisfaction.


Media and Design

Digital Arts Certificate – 360 Hours
The Digital Arts Online Training Program will help you develop technical skills and creative artistry in digital photography, imaging, and illustration. This program covers Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and more.

Graphic Design with Photoshop – 200 Hours
Learn the fundamental principles of design and the most popular software on the market, Adobe Photoshop, and gain the skills you need to work as a graphic designer.

Marketing Design Certificate – 360 Hours
This program focuses on design for marketing and business—creating logos, advertisements, communications, and more. You’ll learn Photoshop, Illustrator, and Microsoft PowerPoint while gaining fundamental technical and aesthetic skills.

Video Game Design and Development – 500 Hours
Using a comprehensive and analytical approach to game engine architectures, this program teaches you how to effectively design and develop games.

Web Design Certificate – 360 Hours
Learn to use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Flash to create stunning Web sites.


Skilled Trades and Industrial

Biofuel Production Operations – 400 Hours
The Biofuel Production Operations Online Training Program will give you the education you need to work as a biofuel production operator, inspecting and repairing equipment, operating computer systems, and handling lab equipment.

Carpentry – 80 Hours
Prepare for a career as a carpenter as you master basic residential construction skills, learn to read blueprints and do jobsite math, and get hands-on practice in three workshop projects.

Chemical Plant Operations – 400 Hours
Prepare for an entry-level position in a chemical plant with the Chemical Plant Operations Online Training Program.

Freight Broker/Agent Training – 180 Hours
Become a part of the exciting trucking, freight logistics, and transportation industries! This program will teach you everything you need to know to start your own freight business or become a freight agent.

HVACR Technician – 265 Hours
The only HVAC Technician training program of its kind on the Web, this program will prepare you for a career as a heating, ventilation, air conditioning, or refrigeration installer or technician.

Natural Gas Plant Operations – 400 Hours
For decades to come, natural gas will be produced and consumed in the United States, creating an ongoing demand for natural gas plant operators. This online program provides the fundamental technical background you need to get started in this field.

Oil Refinery Operations – 400 Hours
Learn the skills you need to start work as an in-demand oil refinery operator.

Performing Comprehensive Building Assessments – 30 Hours
This program will give you a thorough understanding of the building assessment process, focusing on the skills you need to professionally conduct visual building inspections, perform diagnostic testing, determine improvement opportunities, and prepare a work scope that will guide the homeowner’s decision-making process for making the improvements.

Power Plant Operations – 400 Hours
Learn the skills you need to gain entry-level employment as a power plant operator.

Sustainable Energy and Going Green

Building Analyst Quick Start – 60 Hours
This program will teach you about the principles of green buildings—from insulation to indoor air quality—as well as how to perform comprehensive building assessments.

Certified Green Supply Chain Professional – 60 Hours
Help your company achieve its environmental goals with the Certified Green Supply Chain Professional Online Training Program. Gain the skills you’ll need to make a green impact on global sourcing, material management, procurement and buying, transportation and logistics, and new product development.

Certified Indoor Air Quality Manager – 16 Hours
Are you a facility manager, building engineer, or health and safety officer who wants to improve the indoor air quality of your building? If so, the Certified Indoor Air Quality Manager Program is just for you.

Certified Indoor Environmentalist Prep – 32 Hours
Would you like to become an indoor air quality or green building consultant? Would you like to better understand how to create a healthy home or building by preventing, diagnosing, and resolving indoor environmental problems? The Certified Indoor Environmentalist Program will help you take the next step in your career.

Principles of Green Buildings – 30 Hours
The Principles of Green Buildings (PGB) program explains the science that individuals in the building, remodeling, or trade industries need to know in order to make buildings perform more efficiently.

Senior Certified Sustainability Professional – 110 Hours
Are you prepared for an exciting career as a leader in the green collar economy? The Senior Certified Sustainability Professional Online Training Program will prepare you to set the course and coordinate an enterprise’s sustainability strategy.

Solar Power Professional – 120 Hours
Learn the fundamentals of photovoltaic solar powered energy systems and gain the knowledge you’ll need for an entry level position with a dealer, installer, or other photovoltaic industry company.

Wind Energy Professional – 240 Hours
This entry-level Wind Energy Professional program prepares you for a career in the wind energy industry.