Human Resources Series

Avoid Costly Human Resource Mistakes and Set Your Business Up for Success

Are you a business owner who is seeking expert knowledge on current human resource management? Middlesex Community College is partnering with the Community Economic Development Fund to offer workshops that focus on human resource issues. All courses are taught by experienced human resource professionals with more than 25 years of expertise in employee relations, leadership and organizational development.

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Module #1: Addressing Harassment and Bullying in the Workplace

The repercussions from inappropriate conduct of employees and leaders have filled the news recently and focused attention on the responsibilities of the owners of businesses, both large and small, to create a climate that protects other employees. Find out what you must do to get on and stay on the safe side of this difficult issue.

In Module #4 your instructor will help you:

• Review guidelines for addressing harassment and bullying.

• Apply these guidelines in your workplace.

• Provide guidelines for your employees.

• Identify warning signs in your workplace.

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Module #2: Hiring the Right People through Behavioral Interviewing

As the owner of a small business you quickly realize the value of surrounding yourself with the best qualified employees. But how do you find them when you can’t be sure applicants are being completely candid? Learn how behavioral interviewing can unlock the answers and how to stay clear of legal concerns.

In Module #2 your instructor will help you:

• Identify your key challenges in the interviewing process.

• Use behavioral interviewing as an effective discernment model.

• Review tools and techniques to apply in behavioral interviewing.

• Provide EEO guidelines for legally-based interviews.

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Module #3: Handling performance issues and terminations

Small business owners are acutely aware that the negative actions of a single employee can destroy productivity, teamwork or customer confidence. But how do you skillfully, fairly, and legally address performance and behavior issues and set your ship back on course? Learn the best practices of the HR world that will improve your leadership and prevent time- and money-consuming disasters.

In Module #3 your instructor will help you:

• Identify common performance issues.

• Review a model for progressive discipline.

• Learn the role of documentation.

• Review guidelines for termination.

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Module #4: What You Need to Know as a One-Person HR Department

As the owner of a small business you probably worry about making sales, making deadlines and making a profit. But what can really keep you up at night are people problems. Learn your responsibilities and the mousetraps that you must work around to avoid wasting money, time and, perhaps, ruining your business reputation.

In Module #1 your instructor will help you:

• Review State and Federal compliance requirements.

• Learn guidelines for CT DOL unemployment insurance claims.

• Identify the key components of a worker’s compensation claim.

• Review the process for CT Commission on Human Rights Commission and Opportunities claims.

• Learn a framework for HR audits.

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Module #5: Engaging Your Employees

Every small business owner knows that people make the difference. But what it takes to go from being an ordinary workplace to an extraordinary operation takes leadership and careful attention to the nuances of human behavior. Find out how you can set your enterprise apart and make everything run so much easier.

In Module #5 your instructor will help you:

• Understand multi-generational engagement needs.

• Review current employee engagement trends.

• Identify key factors in both driving and sustaining employee engagement.

• Evaluate the areas of focus for building engagement.

• Highlight the critical imperatives for managing engagement.

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