Human Services Assistant

Are you looking for a fulfilling career helping others? Human service workers support individuals with disabilities in leading self-directed lives. Develop the skills, values, and knowledge to effectively assist those who use social services. Basic knowledge about certain populations and problems encountered in human service work, ethical guidelines, and essential helping skills are covered. Students learn how to interact with other members of a multidisciplinary team, including professionals with advanced degrees. Upon completion, students are prepared for entry-level positions as residential living assistants, direct behavioral support staff, and mentors. A textbook is required for this course and can be purchased at the MxCC bookstore.

PREREQUISITE: 1) High school diploma or GED. 2) At least 18 years of age.

Students who complete the Human Services Assistant program are eligible to receive college credit through Charter Oak State College.

  • human service assistant volunteers
  • human service assistant volunteers
  • human service assistant volunteers
  • human service assistant volunteers
  • human service assistant volunteers

Upcoming Courses

Note: Due to COVID-19, classes may be postponed at any time.

Human Services Assistant | CRN: 1427 | Fee: $498 | 1/22-5/17 | T | 2-4 p.m.| Location: Online (LRON) | Instructor: Hernandez

Human Services Assistant | CRN: 1428 | Fee: $498 |1/22-5/17 | Location: Online | Instructor: Hernandez

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